$XP Officially Listed on MEXC & Extensive Token Utilities

PolkaFantasy is starting a new chapter with one of the world’s leading exchanges, MEXC, to further promote the Japanese ACG culture across the world of blockchain and bring all enthusiasts, creators and collectors together.

Official Listing on MEXC

PolkaFantasy’s native governance token, $XP, is going to be listed on one of the world’s most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges, MEXC.

The official listing of PolkaFantasy’s primary token $XP would allow investors to buy, sell and trade $XP on a secured cryptocurrency exchange offering most liquidity in crypto pairs. The trading of $XP on MEXC would open more access to gamers and investors to join the sphere of PolkaFantasy.

The $XP listing details on MEXC are as follows:

Deposit Starts: Opened

Trading Starts: November 12th 14:00 UTC

Trading Pair: XP/USDT

Exclusive $XP Listing Trading Events on MEXC

1) Grand Prize

Activity Period: 2021–11–12 14:00 UTC — 2021–11–16 15:00 UTC

Users who trade XP during the activity period will be ranked based on their trading volume. The top 10 investors with the largest trading volume (meeting min. trading volume requirement of 5,000 USDT) can share a 15,000 USDT prize pool in proportion to their trading volume respectively. Please see the table below for your reference:

2) Participation Prize

All XP traders (excluding the top 10 winners) with a minimum trading volume of 500 USDT are eligible to share a 15,000 USDT prize pool in proportion to their trading volume respectively.

$XP Utilities In & Beyond Gaming

PolkaFantasy is a complete ecosystem that offers a unique NFT marketplace dedicated to Japanese ACG culture (anime, comic & game); NFT Wallet that displays beautiful NFTs, and a number of blockchain games which leverage on amazing play-to-earn mechanisms. $XP is the primary native token to access all these services PolkaFantasy provides. Some examples are:

  • With our first-ever blockchain game in development, $XP tokens could be used for NFT upgrades, in-game trading, and more.
  • $XP could be utilized to earn rewards in particular PolkaFantasy services and blockchain games.
  • Outside the realms of PolkaFantasy’s games, $XP works as a governance token on our ecosystem, such as NFT Marketplace, where users can conduct tremendous amounts of activities. Leveraging the platform’s user base and recognition, artists are meant to increase exposure of their artwork to a wider group of audience in the NFT market with PolkaFantasy’s support.
  • $XP Holders will have priority or exclusive access to selected events with privileges, such as loot box sales for limited NFTs/items. Holders can benefit from discounted item purchases in the ecosystem as well.
  • Certain NFTs, in-game items and so on are only available with $XP purchases.
  • Holders who stake $XP in future on officially authorized platforms will have exclusive access to special VIP events.

Please visit MEXC’s page for more details and rules on the trading competition here. Moreover, be sure to follow closely on our official channels for more updates!

About PolkaFantasy

PolkaFantasy is the BEST Japanese NFT cross-chain marketplace & multiverse game, built for NFT lovers by NFT enthusiasts. Inspired by Japanese Animation, Comics, and Games (ACG) culture, PolkaFantasy is an immersive platform to discover, create, trade, and interact with any digital collectibles.

Our goal goes beyond a breathtaking marketplace and truly gamified DeFi. PolkaFantasy is all about the BEST user experience. It is also a full-fledged game with unbelievable #GameFi and play-to-earn elements.

Let’s be our hero in this epic journey to explore the infinite potential of digital assets.

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