What Lies Ahead of SolChicks Token?

🤔Can you imagine how many “x” can

 token give you if you participate in the Public Round?

Check out the MoonSheet that we have done!

✨Things you need to know and prepare for SolChicks IKO

1. Participation will be in USDC (Polygon)

2. Distribution will be in Solana Chain, so you need to prepare your Solana Wallet before this IKO. If you don’t have a Solana wallet yet, you can create one at https://solflare.com or https://www.sollet.io.

or you can read here : https://docs.solana.com/wallet-guide/apps or https://docs.solana.com/wallet-guide/web-wallets

3. TGE will be around 6 December 2021.

4. Distribution will be done fully by SolChicks Team.

5. Lastly, don’t forget to Stake KOM to get guaranteed allocation for CHICKS’ IKO.

6. Each round will last for 4 hours.

7. Allocation for Booster 1 and Booster 2 will be based on the amount of KOM you staked.

8. If you unstaked your KOM before IKO Starts, you will not be able to participate.

9. Public Round will be opened for KOM Stakers only. It is a FCFS Basis with 100 USDC for Minimum purchase and 300 USDC Max.

10. Load up your bag of KOM and stake them to get more allocation!

Meanwhile, you can find all useful Smart Contracts of Kommunitas here

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About Kommunitas

Kommunitas is a decentralized and tier-less Launchpad. Kommunitas is the solution for Multi Chain oriented projects. Kommunitas welcomes project from various blockchain like Polygon, BSC, Ethereum, Avalance, Solana, etc.

Not only a Launchpad, Kommunitas also offers project a wide variety range of funding, starting from Private round, Strategic Round, and we also offer list of marketing service that can boost a project’s popularity. Kommunitas is ready to serve a project from community management to those related to graphic design and content creation.

Kommunitas firmly believe that with its connection to dozens of regional crypto communities and influencers, as well as several blockchain companies and Capital Funds / VCs, Kommunitas can help to boost a project exposure in a short period of time.

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