Vee.Finance V2 Mainnet Launch on October 7, 10:00 AM, EDT.

Vee.Finance V2 mainnet will launch on Avalanche on October 7, 10:00 AM, EDT. In addition to the currently available functions, V2 provides users convenience to buy or sell VEE within the Dapp, as well as supporting VEE farming with tokens in the wallet.

Before V2 mainnet is alive, we have put all contracts through a re-check and modification. Please check the update on Github Commit. And V2 smart contracts have passed security audits by SlowMist, SlowMist Review is here.

According to the roadmap of V2, the V1 crypto pool is open for withdrawal and repay functions, in which suppliers will continue to receive VEE mining rewards. And in order to prevent the liquidation of the user’s assets, we will set the interest rate of supply and borrow to 0%.

The function of the V1 stable coin sector is completely open, users can perform borrow or supply at any time, we will adjust the mining rate of the V1 stable coin sector to 0 and migrate the mining rewards to V2, please move the funds of stable coin sector to V2 pool before October 10.

As promised before,we are creating a compensation pool. Inside the pool will be five tokens AVAX, WBTC, WETH, LINK and USDT, and users can withdraw funds at any time according to their share.

We greatly appreciate the community’s patience and support during the hard times. And we are confident that together, we will blaze a trail of innovation to emerge stronger than ever before with this relaunch.

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