Unboxing Your Rare Mechas on the Mech Master Game Market

In early October, we witnessed the NFT box sale events with incredible records, showing one of the significant achievements for Mech Master. As unveiled before, one of the remarkable events all Mechers are expecting is coming. Guess what? It is the NFT box reveal event dedicated to our NFT box holders to explore their Mechas.

Clock ticking ⏰to the much-awaiting meaningful milestone!

NFT Mystery Box Reveal Event

Detailed Time

The NFT box reveal event includes TWO stages:

  • NFT boxes bought in round 1: 1.00 PM October 30th, 2021
  • NFT boxes bought in round 2 (on GameFi): 1.00 PM November 5th, 2021

How to explore your own NFT boxes on Mech Master Game Market?

Follow THREE steps below to welcome your Mecha warriors:

Step 1: Access to Mech Master game market: https://market.mechmaster.io/#/store

Step 2: Connect your wallet to our website (if not connected before)

Connect Wallet on Mech Master Game Market

Step 3: Click to “Claim” button to open your NFT boxes

Click to “Claim” button to open your NFT boxes

This is the glorious time to greet your Mechas in different skins. How alluring are they! You can also see how mighty your mechas are by exploring their stats.

Explore the Mecha stats and take in the sights of your Mechas

What are the Mech Master Mystery NFT Boxes?

Mech Master NFT Boxes are digital assets in which every owner can open and possess one fighter out of 7 different Mecha races. Each Mecha race has its own level of rarity, stats, extra parts, and skills. Significantly, 7000 released boxes have only the definite proportions covering warriors can color-shift their parts and are equipped with the highest stats. Assemble a lineup full of giant Mechas with gorgeous 3D models equipped with weapons joining in battles, you can earn $MECH from wins. And more and more benefits will be revealed when the game launch time is coming….

It is the top-notch NFTs you can ever find in the market to date!

Don’t forget to let us witness your Mechas warriors by sharing them in our community. We can’t wait to see what you get in this thrilling event!

About Mech Master

Mech Master is a first-ever 3D Turn-based Mecha Blockchain game with strategic RPG elements to earn tokens through skillful gameplay and smart trading. Players can assemble a lineup full of giant Mechas with gorgeous 3D models to battle against others. Besides, they can also recruit new pilots, collect new lightsabers or energy cannons, and show off tactical prowess.

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