Trade Finance Protocol Polytrade to Launch MVP at World Blockchain Summit

The Polytrade MVP will likely be an effort to create awareness about the product as well as show a working blueprint for how the project plans to proceed.

The Finance-Blockchain bridge project Polytrade has recently stated its plans to launch its MVP (Minimum Viable Product) at the World Blockchain Summit (WBS) in October. Slated for the 13th-14th of October, the summit will be a merging of some of the greatest minds in the blockchain community including Alex Mashinsky of Celsius, Dr. Marwan Al Zarouni CEO Dubai Blockchain Centre, Serguei Popov Founder IOTA Foundation, and many others.

Popular Trade Finance Protocol Polytrade witnessed solid milestones with an exciting roadmap design driving optimal functionality. After an oversubscribed IDO on Polkastarter, it drew the bullish trend in the NFT Metaverse. It also successfully launched on leading centralized exchange platform, and secured various partnerships to fulfill their goals. Some of these partnerships include those linked with, Polygon, Global Trade Review, Chainlink, Venly, and an MoU with Marco Finance.

World Blockchain Summit for Crypto Enthusiasts 

The World Blockchain Summit is a periodic meeting of minds from around the world that facilitates networking, learning, and promotion of blockchain technology. During the World Blockchain Summit, attendees will have the opportunity to network with global blockchain experts and technology leaders, as well as new companies and government agencies.

The summit will include case studies from businesses and governments, as well as motivational keynotes, panel discussions, tech presentations, a blockchain expo, startup pitch contests, and many other networking opportunities. The event is hosted by Trescon, a board of advisors and planners tasked with creating some of the most popular formal events.

So far the summit has featured speakers such as the CEO of BinanceChangpeng Zhao, Don Tapscott, the co-founder of The Blockchain Research Institute, and many others. Reaching over 59 million people across multiple platforms, the WBS is a great way to launch, discuss and discover innovation in blockchain technology.

Launching the Polytrade MVP

The CEO of Polytrade Piyush Gupta has chosen this year’s summit to launch Polytrade’s MVP. With the company gaining attention and investments from heavyweights such as Polygon, AU21 Capital, Dfyn, Rok Capital, and many others, it could be the perfect time to gain more traction by launching its MVP.

MVP in tech is an acronym for Minimum Viable Product. This is essentially a working prototype of a product that a company intends to push in the near future. Unlike a Proof of Concept (PoC) which cannot be rolled out, the MVP is a testable prototype that can be used to gauge user interest in a project and determine feasibility.

The Polytrade MVP will likely be an effort to create awareness about the product as well as show a working blueprint for how the project plans to proceed. With so many heavyweights in attendance, a proper demonstration of the MVP could attract significant attention. Conversely, should it not go as planned, investor confidence could drop significantly. As a result, all eyes will be on Mr. Gupta to see how well the Polytrade project stacks up against expectations.

Mr. Gupta will display the MVP as part of his keynote, displaying the basic features of the platform. The WBS event is scheduled to be held on the 13th and 14th of October in Dubai.

What Is Polytrade?

Polytrade is a project aiming to create a bridge between traditional finance and cryptocurrency. By allowing companies in need of funding to gain access to crypto liquidity pools, Polytrade hopes to leapfrog traditional financial institutions and create a proper link between both spheres.

Through this bridge, crypto investors can invest in real-world assets that will, in turn, provide liquidity for the companies.  Most of these investments will leverage the unwillingness of financial institutions to finance receivables from SMEs and will thus provide them with an alternative route.

Source: coinspeaker

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