The version 2 of the Meta Spatial beta testing

We would like to announce an exciting news that the version 2 of the Meta Spatial beta testing have been successfully finished sooner than we expected.

Now, you can create characters, generate into NFTs, mixing over 640 items to create your own characters.

After creating charaters, you can move to Spatial Portal to travel to different universe like Spatial Moon, Spatial Galaxy as well as experience other functions like Collecting and Battling with monsters.

We will continue updating the PvP and PvE functions into 6 maps of the Spatial Moon from now to the end of this month and the game could be done sooner than expected.

We hope that the update will gain your trust about us and also our product, keep supporting Meta Spatial before and after the IDO fascinately, we will not let you down.

✨Sincerest regards and have a good day.✨

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