The Ultimate guide to $ROFI PUBLIC SALE

As you know, there are only 1️⃣ hours left until the $ROFI PUBLIC SALE will officially release. To help you have a more detailed view, we would like to summarize the main points of this event.

📌 Who is $ROFI PUBLIC SALE for?
The event is exclusively to Genesis Hero owners. They are the early adopters of $ROFI – which as we know – is the official currency at HeroFi Multiverse.

We took a Snapshot yesterday, check the results at:

📌 How does the $ROFI PUBLIC SALE happen?

The event has a total of 2 rounds with 2 different allocation.
– Round 1: 300,000 $ROFI
– Round 2: 100,000 $ROFI – FCFS
More details at:

📌 How is $ROFI PUBLIC SALE paid?

Vesting schedule:
– 5% TGE
– Cliff for one month
– Then, 5% per month
Claim at LZ platform every month!

📌 Where and how to claim $ROFI PUBLIC SALE?

We have made a detailed video tutorial, you can view at:

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