Step-by-Step to buy Genesis NFTs

  • People can use Trust WalletMetamask or any wallets that supported BEP-20 and it must have In-app Browser to “Connect Wallet”.
  • If you are new to the Metamask or Trust Wallet, you can download it in the link below:
  • Metamask — Metamask supported In-app browser for both iOS and Android devices.
  • Rare (R) — 0.2 BNB | Limited 1000 NFTs
  • Super Rare (SR) — 2 BNB |Limited 50 NFTs
  • Specially Super Rare (SSR) — 10 BNB | Limited 10 NFTs

Step 4: Discover your Genesis NFTs

  • After successfully purchased, your Genesis NFTs’ types, elements, as well as their statistics will be shown under the My NFTs section.

5) Why do we need to purchase Genesis NFTs and its benefit?

  • Genesis NFTs have special symbols on the cards, only on Genesis NFT sales. This is an excellently special signature that will increase your NFT value in the future. And moreover, owning Genesis NFTs will have a lot of benefits in the game like Raffle Mining and Mining.

6) How many Genesis NFTs can you buy?

  • You can buy up to 2 Genesis NFTs max per wallet address!

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