Staking Event Round 2 — Opportunity To Own Whitelist Tickets For 300 NFT Combos

We launched the first round of NFT staking last week and players who staked their $KART will have 2 benefits:

  • A whitelist slot to buy the NFT Combo.
  • The first ones who have the opportunity to test our first P2E version.

After the first whitelist staking program had been finished, we reached a total of 1564 stakers and the total staked tokens are 655.303 KART. Realizing that the demand for NFT is very extremely high, we have been communicating to our users and come to the decision to launch the second round stake. We’re greatly eager to announce the next staking program and use the same website where users can continue to stake their tokens. In this staking event, people can have opportunities to have 300 whitelist slots buying NFTs and participating in game testing.

When participating in this 2nd round of staking in, all the results from round 1 will be refreshed. KART stakers can start the staking event again and have a chance to get more slots to buy NFT Combos. The Staking mechanism of 2 rounds is the same, more details of the staking event are available in this Medium post.

Duration: 20th November to 30th November.


  • Users stake $KART during the staking time.
  • Snapshots will be taken once every hour during the 10 days of the program.
  • 300 wallets in the top quantity of staking tokens will be eligible for the rewards.

Your score will be the sum of your staking balances which will be snapshot every hour in the whole campaign (10 days). Starting at 7.30 am (UTC) on November 20th, 2021.

Good luck to you all!

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