SPAT and GSTA Tokens — The Lifeline of Meta Spatial

Every Blockchain ecosystem needs a native token to run all kinds of activities, from purchasing assets to earning voting privileges in the DAO Community. Meta Spatial also has our very own fancy tokens, not just one, but two! They are the SPAT token and the GSTA token.

The SPAT token is the primary currency, or governance token, and an essential part of the Meta Spatial ecosystem. SPAT allows holders to participate in the platform’s governance decisions using a DAO structure. Using SPAT, players can gain access to the platform through:

  • Spending on gameplay.
  • Buying assets to generate NFTs to use in the game.
  • Reselling to other players.

The GSTA token is the currency generated as a reward during participation in Meta Spatial activities. Based on how much the user base adopts and develops, the value of GSTA will also grow. Of course, there will be anti-inflation measures that we put into this token to ensure that the game’s assets stay reasonably priced.

These are the two tokens that will be the core of Meta Spatial’s development. Will you be holding them, adventurers?

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