Sentre Liquidity Efficiency: Truth or Bluff?

What liquidity efficiency features does Sentre have that surpasses its competitors?

Sentre proudly presents itself as The Liquidity Accumulator and promotes Liquidity Efficiency. But does it live up to its motto?

Liquidity from SenSwap

Main dual-token pools

Optional triad-token pools

It is entirely up to liquidity providers to choose between the two types of pools. To further aid such providers, Sentre also comes up with a Simulated Single Exposure model to enable Asymmetric Deposits, which will be explained in our next post.

Liquidity from Sen OS (New!!)

There are two types of dApps that are presented on Sen Store and work on Sen OS.

First are Solana-based dApps created and published by Sentre’s partners. These dApps will be integrated into Sen OS and appear on Sen Store. From this:

  • Users can gather all their favorite dApps in one place and create a single-page workflow.
  • Sentre’s partners can increase the amount of real, active users who love and frequently use their dApps.

Second are new, promising dApps created by developers — either as individuals or teams. By allowing them to access our resources and give support or consulting services when needed, Sentre creates a space where:

  • Developers get to introduce their ideas to native and active users with real opinions and reviews.
  • Users get to pick and choose from a variety of dApps, and put liquidity into the hands of the right projects.

From both types of dApps, Sentre accumulates liquidity generated and returns it to users through Yield Farming and other future features.

Return to Devs and Users

For developers, Sentre’s liquidity becomes inheritable when their idea or dApp gets chosen by the users. If their idea is truly useful to the community, they won’t have to worry about finding available liquidity. Instead, they only need to focus on making their dApps as awesome as possible!

For users, as a high liquidity environment, Sentre helps reduce confirmation time and lower fees and slippage rate. Also, as users deposit into Sentre’s pools, the LP tokens received can be staked to earn more rewards.

Give Sentre a try and win a total of 40,000 SEN

– Newbie walk-through tutorials on Sentre and its features.

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What you have to do:

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