SenSwap — The Liquidity Accumulator

SenSwap is designed as the “vault” to store liquidity accumulated from both LPs and associated dApps.

Earlier, we introduced Sentre as an open liquidity protocol built on Solana that promotes Zero Impermanent Loss and Liquidity Efficiency. But how exactly are we planning to promote these? Here’s the answer.

Sen Swap is…

  • A Solana-based AMM (low fee, high speed) with Adaptive Fee Model.
  • SEN as the universal interface for the entire ecosystem (i.e. Price evaluation, liquidity automation and so on).
  • DAO allows appropriate control on liquidity.
  • Asymmetric Deposit: SenSwap offers liquidity even with one-sided token pooling.
  • Cross-chain liquidity, non-correlated pools, and exotic pools.

Liquidity Bootstrapping

There are now two sources of liquidity coming into Sentre.

  • One of them is from providers investing in SenSwap;
  • The other is accumulated from verified dApps that developers and partners deliver through Sen OS.

The amount of liquidity in Sentre, therefore, exceeds what is usually acquired by other DEX.

Liquidity Efficiency

When providers put liquidity into SenSwap’s pools, they receive LP tokens correlating to their shares of liquidity in those pools. Then, they can stake these tokens to receive more rewards.

Developers and partners can also receive liquidity tokens if their dApps are verified by the Sen Team. Therefore, if new developers want to connect with Sentre and have their dApps present at Sen Store, they can use liquidity tokens to get support from the Sen Team.

Give it a test and get real SEN rewards

Starting from 18 October, the education series “DECODE SENTRE” will be launched in the upcoming week with the following activities:

  • Newbie walk-through tutorials on Sentre and its features.
  • Got questions? Get your answer with the Sen Team.
  • A total of 40,000 SEN rewards coming your way if you stick with us till the end of the week!

Don’t miss out on your chance. For more information and updates, follow us at:

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