Sen OS — The “App Store” for dApps

Sen OS is the “App Store” for all dApps.

The complete solution for dApp devs

The DeFi-wide web for dApp lovers

  • On one hand, developers and partners can easily access a community of real users eagerly waiting to try out dApps;
  • On the other hand, users no longer need to waste time checking over to see if a dApp is “worth a try”. To be published on Sen Store, all dApps must be verified by Sen Audit;

The one-page workplace for DeFi

  • Easy Drag and Drop: Choose and put your favorite dApps on top
  • Tailored to your Needs: Show or hide system functions
  • Professional mode: Organize functions for an optimal workflow

Why not try it out and get rewards?

  • Newbie walk-through tutorials on Sentre and its features.
  • Got questions? Get your answer with the Sen Team.
  • A total of 40,000 SEN rewards coming your way if you stick with us till the end of the week!

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