Seed Chumbi NFT Sale

Announcing the details of our highly anticipated Seed Chumbi NFT Sale!

Don’t miss your chance to purchase a pod from our website in early December. There are 4 pods available: Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythic. All pods are guaranteed to hatch an exclusive Seed Chumbi NFT that will never be minted again!

Sale Date: Early December

What are Seed Chumbi?

Seed Chumbi will be the rarest Chumbi NFTs to ever exist. These generation 0 Chumbi will be highly sought after as there will only ever be 4,096 minted.

Seed Chumbi will hatch from pods that will be available to purchase on the Chumbi Valley website. Each Seed Chumbi will be generated from an exclusive set of body parts, this means each NFT will have a unique appearance and exclusive battle move set.

There are 15 main types of Chumbi including River, Forest, Flame, Spark, and many more! Additionally, all Chumbi also have a coat type which will be randomly selected when the Chumbi hatches. It’s even possible to have some crazy combos, like a Flame type Chumbi with a River type coat! All Seed Chumbi coats feature exclusive designs, never obtainable again, which will you hatch?

Seed Chumbi NFT Sale Prices

View the Seed Chumbi NFT inclusions and prices see here.

Seed Chumbi NFTs include airdrop tokens!

As you will read below, along with many other benefits, Seed Chumbi NFTs also include an airdrop of CHMB, Chumbi Valley’s main token!

Recently, based on expert guidance from our team of advisors, we have decided to adjust our tokenomics, including updating the total supply of CHMB to 30B. This change means that gaming, staking, and airdrop rewards are more substantial and exciting for the players. For example, rather than receiving 1 CHMB for completing a task you would receive 100 CHMB!

You can read more about these changes in the article here.

Benefits of owning a Seed Chumbi

Seed Chumbi are not like your average Chumbi, they are part of an exclusive, limited edition set and boast a range of impressive benefits including:

  • Exclusive Body Parts & Meta Tags
  • Higher Chance of Mini & Shiny Chumbi
  • VIP Event Access (E.g. Breeding Event)
  • Higher Play-To-Earn Rate
  • Receive NFT Drops
  • Beta Gameplay Access
  • Low ID numbers
  • CHMB Token Airdrop

Exclusive Body Parts & Meta Tags
The Seed Chumbi are generated from a pool of exclusive body parts and coats that can never be minted again including 135 coats, 60 eyes, 40 mouths, 40 ears, 40 patterns and 10 horns. Additionally, each Seed Chumbi NFT will have one of the exclusive meta tags: ‘Rare’, ‘Epic’, ‘Legendary’, or ‘Mythic’.

Higher Chance of Mini & Shiny Chumbi
Seed Chumbi are also much more likely to hatch with rare properties compared to regular Chumbi including the chance to be a Mini Chumbi and/or a Shiny Chumbi!

VIP Event Access (E.g. Breeding Event)
Owning a Seed Chumbi NFT will grant you access to future VIP Events. Chumbi Valley will be holding a breeding event where you will be able to mint a Generation 1 Chumbi in the event without affecting your Seed Chumbi’s breed count. More details to come.

Higher Play-To-Earn Rate
Seed Chumbi will have in-game reward benefits including an initial higher Play-To-Earn rate. More details to come.

Receive NFT Drops
Seed Chumbi owners will receive access to NFT drops, allowing them to claim special NFTs. The NFTs could include in-game items, decor, player/Chumbi cosmetics, emotes and more!

Beta Gameplay Access
You will be amongst the first players to ever experience Chumbi Valley gameplay and will be able to provide feedback to the devs.

Low ID numbers
Each pod is guaranteed to hatch a Seed Chumbi NFT with a low ID number. Mythic pods will give a you an ID between #1 and #400. Imagine owning the Seed Chumbi with ID #1.

CHMB Token Airdrop
Additionally, owners of Seed Chumbi NFTs will have access to airdrops of CHMB, Chumbi Valley’s main token.

How do I get a Seed Chumbi?

Buying a pod from the Chumbi Valley website
The Seed Chumbi NFT Sale will take place on the Chumbi Valley website. If your wallet address has been whitelisted for the sale you will be able to connect your metamask to the website and purchase a maximum of 3 pods.

How do I get whitelisted?
To get your wallet whitelisted you will need to participate in our whitelist raffle that starts on the 15th of November and runs for 2 weeks. If you are one of the lucky winners, you will be able to participate in the Seed Chumbi NFT Sale on the Chumbi Valley website in early December. Follow our social media accounts to be the first to know when the whitelist raffel opens.

What if I do not get whitelisted?
If you do not win a whitelist position, you may still be able to participate in the sale. Whitelist winners will have 5 hours to purchase their desired NFTs. In the event that the NFTs do not sell out in the first 5 hours, the sale will be open to the general public for 7 days.

About Chumbi Valley

Chumbi Valley is an enchanting RPG Play-to-Earn blockchain game, featuring NFT creatures and original art inspired by Pokemon and Studio Ghibli.

Chumbi are adorable bipedal NFT creatures that inhabit a mysterious forest valley. As the main character, you can breed and collect Chumbi, explore with them and battle to earn crypto rewards. Earn additional rewards by working with your Chumbi to maintain a farm and grow crops. Gather in-game resources to craft NFT items and even earn while offline with Chumbi automation spells. Additionally, you can own NFT land plots in Chumbi Village, where you can interact with other players and build a community.

Chumbi Valley is being built on BSC & Polygon to take advantage of near-instant transaction speeds and almost zero fees. It will be playable in app form, launching on PC, Mac, Android, and eventually iOS with the goal to reward dedicated players across the world with cryptocurrency.

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