Reasons why Lord Arena’s popularity and attraction

Recently, there have been waves of NFT Games released on the market. In recent years, we have faced the explosion of the NFT gaming industry with the birth of blockchain — themed games. In which, some famous names such as Axie Infinity, My Neighbor Alice, etc. But still, there is a game which stands out of the crowd, with advanced graphics and varieties of gameplays: Lord Arena.

So what are the distinctive features of the game which sets it apart from other NFT games?

First of all, most NFT games have cute, user — friendly graphics. Most of them don’t have practical images related to real-life while in Lord Arena, we have advanced graphics, in-game details, images, characters, and equipment built with futuristic technology aspects, users can relate them with world-renowned sci-fi movies. Its named story is also special and attractive, it is set in a fantasy world, the prosperous development of technology has made self-generated machines aware and have the desire to bring extinction to humanity and they have won. The last standing humans form a militia called “The Last Remnants” to fight against the machines and in this unequal war, what will bring them victory?

Second of all, the feature that makes Lord Arena special is the variety of characters and their sides. Besides “The Last Remnants”, we also have a chance to witness other characters from other sides such as “Lost Faith” — warriors with advanced weapons, “Quiet Storm” — warriors evolved from animals, “Metal March” — deadly machines, built to serve an only purpose: humanity extinction and the last one is “Awaken Ember” — legendary warriors with great power enough to destroy the whole planet.

Finally, since Lord Arena is available on AppStore and Android, we have received many positive comments and reviews from users on both platforms. Since many NFT projects only announce their moves but the game is not released yet so they have to receive negative comments from users on social media. We have a huge advantage, with the game already there, it is really easy for users to approach. Later with the blockchain upgrades, we believe this game can make it even further and become a famous name in the NFT game industry.

In conclusion, here are some reasons for Lord Arena’s coverage and reputation on the market. We know that stepping into the NFT game industry, facing difficulties is inevitable but with the support from the community, we hope everything will go on track. If you guys haven’t tried out our game, please install it on AppStore or Android to experience and have specific looks at how the game works.

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