Play-To-Learn? The New Crypto Paradigm Redefining the Future

The world in front of us is changing at an exponential pace. Traditional definitions in our daily lives are redefining themselves. With countless innovations, many are attempting to guess what the next big thing will be, meanwhile others are falling behind.

Learning in Ertha

The Metaverse opens a new perspective

There are more than 3 billion active gamers worldwide in 2021. Our daily lives are becoming more and more digitized. Some school and university classes are already being hosted online, and more and more people are starting to work remotely.

Companies like Facebook, Epic Games, and many others have invested a significant amount of their time and capital into researching and creating a metaverse. It’s the concept of a future iteration of the internet. Instead of interacting with your friends online as is the case right now, you could actually meet them in the digital universe.

The metaverse is the next frontier of online interaction. Imagine being inside of a digital world, where suddenly, you think of a product you need. Instantaneously, a catalog appears next to you, with all of the variations of the product you can think of. You select one, it’s shipped to your house, you continue on with your day. This is just one of the things the digital world plans to offer.

Play to Learn is more important than Play-To-Earn

Humans are naturally curious — we love learning about things we are interested in. Humans also love games. Well, what if the two were to be connected? Innovative solutions could make the gaming experience not only fun but productive, by learning and improving actual real-life skills.

That’s exactly what the ERTHA project hopes to achieve. In ERTHA, you must always move forward: learn, create and gain new skills. Similar to the real world, ERTHA’s universe offers an almost infinite amount of knowledge and information — opportunities are practically limitless. You can follow your dreams, build a successful business empire from scratch, become a chef, a hacker, everything is up to your imagination.

By playing ERTHA, players will have access to real educational content, integrated into various activities. For example, you will be able to take exams, attend courses, pass quizzes or get a degree. Want to become a lawyer? Great! Study the law and pass the bar exam. Start a dentistry practice? Sure, but you’ll need to get a medical license. To put it in simple terms, time spent in the game will not go to waste. This is especially useful for younger players, as their time is usually spent playing games with no real benefit.

Everyone will start the game with the knowledge they already have, but those, who have the desire to improve and learn, will quickly rise above their competition. It’s a win-win!

Study hard and use your skills to conquer ERTHA!

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