👉 Time: 2 PM, 2021, Nov 23 UTC until all boxes are sold up.

👉 Price: 300 BUSD/Box

👉 Quantity: 20,000 boxes


What’s inside the box:

Each Mystery Box opens up 3 random Elemons with progressive Rarity ranks: B, A, S, SS, SSS  with Double probability to get high-rank Elemon compared to Summon.

Besides normal Elemons, one of those 3 Elemons can be exclusive limited Corsair Elemon with S, SS, SSS rarity levels if you are lucky enough.

🎁 If Luck is once again by your side, you can have chances to possess one of the NFTs as follows:

– 1 of 500 Land of Earth pieces used in Elemon Metaverse Phase 1

– 1 of 10 Royal Card with privileges such as profit sharing, voting rights & many more.

How to buy

To join in, participants need to hold at least 500 ELMON tokens.

Each account can buy a maximum of 5 Boxes.

The official page to buy Elemon Mystery box will be announced on Elemon Official channels


To protect the benefits of early birds, this first Sale Event offers Mystery Boxes at an advantageous price.

The next Sale Event is not determined yet, but the price is expected to be higher, and the boxes may be purchased by ELMON.

After the event, Elemon Mystery Box can also be traded on our marketplace.

The remaining 10% will be devoted to the Elemon liquidity pool, in which 5% will be used for ELMON buy-back from the public market, the rest 5% will be swapped for BNB.

At the time of box sale, the demand for buying will be huge; our website or BSC network may be slow at that time; please understand in advance if it happens.

The time of the event may be adjusted in case of extreme fluctuations from the cryptocurrency market.



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