NFTs With Infinite Possibilities: Everything You Need to Know About Infinity Skies NFTs

What to Expect

The Various NFT Types

Social Savviness is a Monetizable Asset

What this unique setup in Infinity Skies means pragmatically is that facilitating a positive social experience is strongly incentivized. Unlike any other game within the Blockchain space, one’s ability to tap into their social intelligence actually provides them utility to make real-world money, through becoming the recipient of Feast-derived NFTs that can inherently be traded for real-world currencies.

While the social experience is a central component of Infinity Skies, the ability to obtain rare NFTs does not end there.

Conventional Gaming Skills is Also Monetizable

Ensuring High Profitability Margins for Our Users

However, in order to maximize the profitability of these NFTs, by means of trading within the expansive DeFi ecosystems scattered around the globe, these NFTs have to be inherently valuable. We at Infinity Skies are highly aware of this fact, and that is why we put in place systems specifically purposed for maximizing the monetized value of our in-game NFTs.

Strategy #1: Absolute Scarcity

One of our primary systems to increase our NFT’s real-world value is through a unique burning model. A user has the ability to burn their NFTs to obtain a randomized NFT that is 1 order rarer than what was burned. This provides deflationary incentivization for users, which inevitably promotes scarcity, and thereby increases the value of all the NFTs born within Infinity Skies!

Strategy #2: Relative Scarcity

Another way we ensure a high real-world evaluation of our NFTs is by making the NFTs inherently difficult to obtain. While this may seem counterintuitive, value is largely based on limited supply, either through true scarcity (low number of NFTs in existence) or through relative scarcity (boundaries in place that increases the difficulty of receiving the NFTs). As absolute scarcity is solidified through our burning mechanism over time, the relative scarcity of our rarer NFTs is facilitated through how we reward a user with the NFTs (check out the figure below to see a list of all of our NFT rarity types).

While most NFTs can be found within crystals obtained through an average adventure within Infinity Skies, both the Royal and Astral NFTs can only be dealt out to users who rank the highest in the leaderboards, or during future special events hosted within the game. This means that only the most adept adventurers and/or party planners will become the recipient of some of the most highly valued NFTs. We believe this reward system will act as an actionable thank you for these users’ contributions to the cultural richness of the game’s ecosystem itself!

Opportunities For All!


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