Global Alpha Test Guidelines


  1. Install MetaMask into your browser.

When the test begins:

1. Go to the faucet page to claim the $MELD for testing.

2. Enter the game by clicking PLAY NOW button on the

3. Sign in with the registered wallet address.

4. Go to marketplace to buy a Ticket Land to start occupying more land.

(What is Ticket Land?)

5. After purchasing the Ticket Land, you can find it on the mini map

6. Join our Discord and Telegram communities to report bugs, share your feedback, and take part in community events.

What you can do in Meland:

1. Challenge the Land Quiz to win more lands and Ditamins and redeem more Tokens!

(Ditamins won’t be deleted in this alpha test, excited?)

2. Explore in the official area, such as Game Machine, etc.

3. Participate in our Easter-Eggs events to get more rewards.

4. More gameplay and details in Meland waiting for you to discover. Please note that we’re not releasing all the features in this test round:

Tip: Switch your MetaMask to Mumbai Testnet

The custom RPC setting:

Network Name: Mumbai Testnet


Chain ID: 80001

Currency Symbol: MATIC

Block Explorer URL:

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