Mech Master Road map and Mid-2021 Latest Milestones

We are having an exciting journey thus far at Mech Master as we continue to develop the game further. We have been able to achieve some major milestones within a very short period, thanks to the huge dedication and commitment of our team. The Mech Master community has also played a big role in helping us towards these achievements and we are looking forward to growing this relationship further as we embark on the next deliverables in our roadmap.

To have an understanding of where we are going, we need first to reflect on where we are and how we have gotten there. As such, we review the major developments we have made so far and highlight the next steps we are taking towards building the future of the Mech Master and its universe.

đź”° Previous Milestones

At present, a significant number of our previous aims have already been achieved in the third quarter of 2021. We have completed our NFT mystery box sale round 1 and round 2 with an impressive performance.

The first event launched 1,000 boxes on Mech Master platform. All the mystery boxes sold out almost instantly in just 25 seconds. In the second round, we collaborated with GameFi to drop 6,000 NFT boxes. To the surprise of nobody, all the mystery boxes sold out in less than 15 minutes, making Mech Master become stronger and build more trust for our followers.

Previously in August, we closed our oversubscribed private funding round after a month. The private round was led by IceTea Labs, Youbi, and Basics Capital with major participation of blockchain venture capitalists such as OneMax, Au21, MiH, Magnus Capital, x21, Seer Labs, Heslin and OIG. We strongly believe our investors’ resources, industry experience, and strategic recommendations will greatly assure and foster Mech Master’ future success.

🎯 Goals for Q4 2021

What a whirlwind few days it has been here at Mech Master with the announcement of our IDO/IGO on GameFi and Red Kite on October 24, 2021. We are striving to steamroll our way to success by completing milestones that help build the foundation for future success. More information surrounding this significant sale event is to be found on GameFi & Red Kite websites.

In Q4 2021, we are going to launch our first mecha marketplace in November. The exclusive marketplace is built for our players to unbox and meet their long-waited mechas. Besides, players and traders are able to trade and collect the valuable mechas in our universe.

The rarity level of each mecha

Additionally, we are planning to roll out the staking $MECH tokens system to increase the mecha level regarding the attack, defend and mobility ranging. Staking $MECH raises your mechas’ EXP points and prepares them for battles. Future detailed updates will be shared on our official channels to be more actively engaged with the process and evolution of our ecosystem development.

Talking about mechas 3D in progress, all team members from other departments have spent more than 15 hours per day dedicated to this big game project. We have been working hard regardless of days or nights to make our mechas with meticulous attention.

Sketching process of Legion

Legion in 2D blueprint
Legion 3D showcase

Mech Master will be a full 3D game at launch. Each character, any scene, game effect and moon base are all rendered in 3D. Initially, all of these 3D characters were designed in 2D first, and then they have been rendered in 3D. Mech Master’s mechas, pilots, equipment are already in the pipeline in 2021 and ready to serve our enthusiasts with the highest quality.

Mech Master team is merging the virtual and real world with Alternative Reality technology to excel players’ imagination to the new stages. In the next quarter, we will spring with AR application in our game, where players can complete tasks and quests around their immediate physical environment.

Wrapping up, we still have a long road ahead and a lot to do in order to bring together our gorgeous 3D mecha blockchain game. With our Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO) events nearing closer, we want to give the community a deeper look into our roadmap. There is still much to be done, and 2021 will surely be a challenging year.

About Mech Master

Mech Master is a first-ever 3D Turn-based Mecha Blockchain game with strategic RPG elements, where you can earn tokens through skillful gameplay and intelligent trading. Players can assemble a lineup full of giant Mechas with gorgeous 3D models to battle against others, recruit new pilots, collect new lightsabers and energy cannons, show off tactical prowess, buy land and build your top-secret base on the moon!

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