Mech Master $MECH Private Sale on the Red Kite and GameFi Launchpad

As part of the collaboration, we are delighted to announce that Red Kite and GameFi Launchpad will host a private sale of $MECH on their launchpads on October 23rd.

Mech Master is pleased to collaborate with Red Kite and GameFi Launchpad on conducting the public sale of our $MECH on October 24th, 2021. Moreover, it is also a great honor to have the GameFi and Red Kite communities participate in our Mech Master private sale. As part of our collaboration, Red Kite and GameFi Launchpad will host a private sale of $MECH on their launchpad on October 23rd. Each private pool is allocated $100,000 in tokens.

Red Kite is a cutting-edge launchpad powered by PolkaFoundry as part of the $PKF ecosystem. Red Kite projects are carefully selected via vetting, which considers everything from their origins to their legality and execution capabilities. Additionally, these initiatives are backed by a strong network of premier marketing partners, influential influencers, and engaging communities.

On the other hand, GameFi serves as a one-stop shop for everything related to game finance. Yield Guilds, Launchpad, Aggregator, Marketplace, and Accelerator, are all part of the GameFi ecosystem. GameFi was founded to address issues that most game studios have and identify successful methods for creating a platform that connects game players, token holders, and traders in a single place.

We anticipate that by launching on these two renowned launchpads, Mech Master will access breakthrough new milestones and cross-marketing initiatives, enabling us to expand our community and network of ecosystem partners. This expansion will assist Mech Master in establishing itself as the industry leader in robot gaming and the world’s most internationally distributed and completely decentralized gaming environment.

Keep an eye on GameFi and Red Kite’s official communication channels, as well as our announcements, for details on whitelist registration and the detailed schedule.

About Mech Master
Mech Master is a first-ever 3D Turn-based Mecha Blockchain game with strategic RPG elements, where you can earn tokens through skillful gameplay and intelligent trading. Players can assemble a lineup full of giant Mechas with gorgeous 3D models to battle against others, recruit new pilots, collect new lightsabers and energy cannons, show off tactical prowess, buy land and build your top-secret base on the moon!

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