Magic of Spectrum: The Original Story

After introducing items and equipment for Poco characters and a little sneak peek of Magic of Spectrum, we decide to explain the story behind this magic book and its use cases for Poco characters equipping this item.

If you haven’t watched our video about staking/minting for PocoX, please access our Youtube channel via this link because the story of this ancient book is related to it.

After exploring the mysteries of PocoX, Elliot — Light Poco and his friends from other clans decide to take a journey to the Forbidden Land to explore secrets about the Mystery Scroll. At this point, they all realize that all the knowledge from the Mystery Scroll is just a page from an ancient book that disappeared a long time ago — Magic of Spectrum. According to the record in the book, its author is an ancient Poco Sorcerer that lived and fought alongside Ancient Poco Warriors during the formation of the Poco Alliance (Mythical characters and items debut in the next updates). Using the Crystal of Eternity — a power source from the core of the planet as materials, the Poco sorcerer created one of the most powerful artifacts and named it Magic of Spectrum. This magic book was used to fight against the Balrogs and create winning advantages for the Poco Alliance. After defeating and sealing Balrogs, the Poco Sorcerer sealed the book under a powerful spell so no one could find out and exploit its huge power for bad purposes.

We will release Poco Manga only on Babylons on November 10th at the price of 2 BNB. With the limited quantity of 100 units, users purchasing manga can receive the magic book directly. Poco characters equipping this item can have the following advantages:

40% => 60%

35% => 55%

30% => 50%

25% => 45%

20% => 40%

In conclusion, the Magic of Spectrum is truly one of the most powerful pieces of equipment on the entire of Pocoland. Especially, if the players own this ancient book, they can completely turn their characters into the most forceful characters, dominating on top of glory. The only chance to own Magic of Spectrum is participating only on Babylons on November 10th. Do not miss this chance to become a legendary character in Pocoland!

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