Join the Gamified MyMasterWar Testnet & Become The Lucky MAT Warriors!

We are super thrilled to welcome you to the gamified MyMasterWar Testnet, an opportunity to let you imagine and experience the best gaming set in the Medieval Ages and the Future. Play to earn and become our early MyMasterWar Warriors, who will access our internal test network.

Apply Now to Get Testnet Access:

Please note: We will select only 100 MAT Warriors for the MyMasterWar Testnet, scheduled on October 8, 2021.

So, fill the form now to take one step closer to becoming an MAT Warrior to play your significant role in building the MyMasterWar ecosystem together!

Whats more?


After months of relentless hard work, we are incredibly thrilled to share that the MyMasterWar game is finally getting launched on testnet on 8th Oct! 🚀

Buy game characters, upgrade levels, make strategic war decisions & participate in thrilling battles! 🔥

Exciting contests with attractive rewards are on the way for early adopters to try out the game!💪

Also, keep a lookout for MyMasterWar Bug Bounty Program, coming soon! 👀

MyMasterWar, The Rising Star & the Best Play-to-Earn Blockchain Gaming Zone for Fans!

If you have been looking for a blockchain gaming platform that best suits the enthusiastic gamer inside you, then MyMasterWar is your stop! MyMasterWar is a DeFi x NFT gaming ecosystem based on the Free Play to Earn and Profit Sharing model that brings the thrill of traditional gaming to multiple devices (mobile phone, PC, tablet) on both Android and iOS.

MyMasterWar’s unique gaming ecosystem offers two settings, one in the past Medieval ages and another in the Future, with both fungible (MAT Token) and non-fungible token (NFT). Starting with Medieval battles, the first set of games, players can choose their scenario, generals, build armies, devise strategies, and fight battles. In the second part of the game, set in the Future where humans cross space and time, players build their virtual metaverse empires, and more.

MyMasterWar understands that gaming is much more than just about playing; it is also about the thrill and experience of the player, and opportunities to earn through playing are extra perks that are rare. MyMasterWar has embarked on a journey to offer players/fans an incredibly thrilling, exhilarating, powerful gaming experience.

Choose MyMasterWar to Play-To-Earn

Unlike other DeFi x NFT gaming platforms, players don’t need to spend any fee to start playing. Instead, players can earn in multiple ways at MyMasterWar, like:

  • Stake $MAT token to earn
  • Earn by winning challenges
  • Earn by breeding & selling on the marketplace
  • Earn by selling NFT and more.

At a time when the blockchain gaming space is still burgeoning, MyMasterWar’s Free Play-To-Earn & Profit-Sharing model brings enormous ways and opportunities for everyone to earn fairly, including game publishers.

MyMasterWar’s Unique Set of Game features

  • Heroes: To become a hero, you can go through training and challenges, pass life-and-death missions, etc.
  • World Boss: Heaven monsters are summoned to harm the world. If you destroy them successfully, you can earn fantastic rewards.
  • Strategy: Simulation of all kinds of strategies that bring power could destroy heaven and earth. You have to choose a reasonable approach to improve the combat power of soldiers.
  • Tavern: Tavern is the place where talented heroes gather to talk. Your choice will determine who will be the hero and who will be forgotten in the history line.
  • Nation war: The dispute of the forces has been going on for years. Which force will extinguish the war? Who will be the son of heaven to unify the country and bring peace to the people?
  • Resources: Mineral ores are challenging to discover and exploit, so all forces are always looking for and want to own. Whose resources that person will be able to control the world.

How to Learn More about MyMasterWar?

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About MyMasterWar

MyMasterWar is a gaming ecosystem with the difference that blockchain technology is applied to the game along with the Free Play to Earn and Profit Sharing model. Unlike many other NFT Games, MyMasterWar does not require players to spend any money to start playing. Players can choose their own scenario like to be a king of a country, they can choose generals, build armies, devise strategies and fight battles

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