Iotexpad: the first native IDO launchpad and incubation platform

Cryptocurrencies are evolving in a not to be ignored and game changing movement. Because of the opportunities arising from cryptocurrencies a growing number of companies are creating products and services built with/on blockchain technology.

One of these emerging companies is truly promising, because their vision is based on helping other companies that are starting out on the blockchain. It’s called Iotexpad and it is a company that is reacting to the quickly growing crypto space. It is the first native IDO and incubation platform launchpad.

About Iotexpad

Iotexpad is the first launchpad on IoTex and they are ambitiously becoming the primary
launchpad for all the leading IoTex projects. It is to be built on the Iotex network and will
help emerging projects to keep their focus on what they’re building. They want to take
crowdfunding to the next level by making crypto assets easier and safer to use. This will
create a safer investment environment where both the investors and the project can benefit from.

Ensuring safety and enhancing focus

The investment will be done with TEX tokens, the native token of the Iotexpad platform. TEX token holders will be incentivized with access to game-changing projects that are launched in the IoTex network. These new IoTeX projects can raise capital from the Iotexpad platform which is already being used to find investors by most of the crypto world. While Iotexpad takes care of the token sales with state-of-the-art security, the start-up projects can focus on developing their idea and growing their business. This relationship (of investors taking care of the one side and the projects taking care of their own side) ensures that the investment is handled correctly and that the projects have more time and manpower to make their vision a reality.

A structured and transparent decentralized model

Iotexpad has created a tiered structure to provide a decentralized model for project
launches, whilst maintaining high tiered projects. They have done this to maintain a straight, genuine, and transparent platform. By offering a tiered operating mechanism Iotexpad can guarantee allocation. With the tiered system Iotexpad can eliminate BOTS from the system.

Iotexpad tiered system

There are 5 tiers namely: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Emerald, and VIP. For each tier there is a
holding requirement with varies per tier and automatically allocates. Iotexpad strives to
enhance currency projects with incubation. All the while they still maintain the ability to
distribute tokens and raise liquidity.

There are four tiers namely Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Elite. The threshold holding
requirement for each tier varies and does the allocations. IotexPad enhances currency
projects raises with incubation whilst still maintaining the ability to distribute tokens and
raise liquidity.

Platform is currently in Beta

The Iotex team is currently testing the platform in preparation for launch. The development of the platform is increasing at an accelerating rate. This means that both the platform release and launch date have been put forward from the original release date. At the time of writing, they finished the ui/ux and completed 90% of their contracts. These contracts include the token, vesting, reward and staking contracts for the platform. The team is ensuring maximum security to protect both Iotexpad and the community.

Dates to look out for

22 nd of November: on this date Iotex will put their platform to the final test. They will run a mock sale on the platform’s testnet, which will allow the team to finalize the preparation for launch. 3rd to 9th of December: Iotexpad has made a projection in which they aim to launch the IDO (initial DEX offering). They are striving to launch on the 3 rd of December, but in order to do this they depend on contract auditors and the project platform completion.

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