IotexPad Platform Launch in Beta

As you all know, we have began testing the pages on our platform in preparation for launch. There has been some accelerated development growth to accelerate both the platform release and launch date.

What’s New?

We are proud to say that the platform is near completion. We have finished the ui/ux and 90% completed with the contracts. The included contracts are the staking contracts for the platform, rewards contracts, vesting contract and the token contract. We are ensuring that we take full measures for maximum security to protect both iotexpad and our community.

Prior to launching our platform to the community we will put it to test first on the 22nd of November. What will be tested ? we will run a mock sale on our platform on the iotex testnet which will allow us to to take it to the next step and that is preparing for launch.

When is the IDO expected?

We have a projected aim of early december which dates between the 3rd of december to the 9th of december and could be anywhere between. This depends on how fast auditing is done on our contracts as well as project platform completion. Stay tuned for more updates.

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