Introducing Dragon Kart’s Racing Car NFT

In terms of Kart (racing car), this is a type of NFT that will rely heavily on indicators to be able to create the uniqueness of these types of NFTs, the indicators include:

  • Speed: The maximum speed of the vehicle
  • Drift: The ability to brake the car when cornering, the higher the index, the faster the deceleration
  • Acceleration: The ability to accelerate to maximum speed
  • Curve: The ability to control the direction of the car, the higher the index, the more you stick to the track, easy to drive

Rockin Roller V8 is Pikalong’s Kart (racing car), this is the first car he and his friends created to be able to fight the Kaman race and save his planet. This is a car that carries many memories and is associated with Pikalong in the whole journey.

  • Speed: 25 (Max 30)
  • Acceleration: 10 (Max 15)
  • Drift: 16 (Max 30)
  • Curve: 2(Max 5)
  • Rarity: Epic
  • Mint rate: 0.2%

Rooster Star V4 is a car created by Chuckychuko, this is a car created from scraps used during the war caused by the Kaman clan. Due to the feature of being used from crushed scraps, the speed and quality of the car is not as good as the Rockin Roller V8 of Pikalong.

  • Speed: 19 (Max 30)
  • Acceleration: 7 (Max 15)
  • Drift: 17 (Max 30)
  • Curve: 2 (Max 5)
  • Rarity: Common
  • Mint rate: 70%

Poseidon E64 has the shape of a shark, the car has a fairly high speed, only inferior to the Rockin Roller V8, the mint ability of this car is also relatively stable. This is considered the most reasonable car that players should own. With good speed and good cornering ability, it will make it easier for players to win.

  • Speed: 22 (Max 30)
  • Acceleration: 7 (Max 15)
  • Drift: 16 (Max 30)
  • Curve: 2 (Max 5)
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Mint rate: 29%

Dragon Kart is expected to launch 1000 sets of NFTs of which 800 sets of NFTs will be open to the public and 200 sets of NFTs will be used to give gifts to all communities. All information about opening sales as well as community events will be officially announced on Dragon Kart’s information channels.

NOTE: Everyone needs to be cautious of this behavior, we will never DM you first or DM you privately about IDO and NFT sales events. Stay tuned on our official media channels to keep up to date with all the information.

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