Improvements in Kaby Arena v1.0 and our Vision for the game

Kaby Arena v1.0 will be launched with PvE mode on Nov, 15th. Taking feedback from the community during the Beta, we have made many improvements. In this article, we will also share our Vision for the game where we explain why the players will help shape Kaby Arena into the first competitive NFT game!

What to be expected in Kaby Arena v1.0

Ideas and suggestions from the community are very important to us as it will help to shape the final game. Taking in the community feedback during the Beta, we will make various improvements in our official launch:

  • Improvement of battle UI: align with our ambition of the first competitive NFT game, we will make various improvement of the Battle UI to make it easier for Kaby Arena strategists to plan their battle plan ahead and during the battle.
  • Skill SFX enhancement: make the battle scene more epic with skill special effects and clear indicators of buff/debuff.
  • Unlock more PvE map & adjustment of map difficulty: we will greatly increase the number of available PvE maps and add more variety of units in each map. For example, the Bamboo Forest is the homeland of the Pandas, so the boss will definitely be Pandas but other units will be of different races.
  • Adjustment to energy spend & Exp earned for each battle: each difficulty of a stage will require different amount of PvE energy and the Exp earned for completing the stage will be adjusted to match the energy spent. This change is a feature for busy players, instead of having to spend one energy at a time, they can spend the energy faster while still receiving an equivalent worth of rewards.

Besides the improvements, new features will be added and unlocked too:

  • Treasure Box mechanism: this feature will be fully unlocked, and you can receive the boxes for completing the quests or achieving a reasonable rank on the leaderboard. You can open the box and obtain the items inside. For the content of the box, please refer to our previous post about the Winter 2021 Treasure.
  • Kaby Store: our official in-game store that will sell most of the items you can obtain from treasure boxes. The store will help determine a ceiling price for the items and the treasure box, keeping them valuable and profitable for the players.

To celebrate the official launch, we will hold a promotion event where you can get more items from our Kaby Store with the same price. The larger the quantity you purchase, the bigger the promotion!

  • Kaby Peer-to-Peer Market: the offchain market to trade in-game items between players. This will be the main stable income for many P2E players. For details about the P2E mechanism please refer to our previous article here
  • Hero & Skill upgrade: you can upgrade your heroes with the items in the Treasure Boxes. For example, to upgrade the stars of a hero, you must collect enough Star Shards or buy it from our Store or from the P2P Market from other fellow players. Features such as skill upgrade and skill reroll will also be available soon after the official launch.

Our vision for Kaby Arena

We would like to use this opportunity to emphasize on the following:

Kaby Arena was developed from scratch with the core idea of creating the first F2P competitive NFT game. The game is still under development phase, feedback and suggestions from the community are welcomed and will play an important role in shaping up the final game and make it an enjoyable game for all gamers and investors.

Kaby Arena will be released in many phases with corresponding features which have been reflected on our roadmap. Our next two big releases are PvP mode in December and Tournament next year.

Our Roadmap: we are aiming for the first tournaments in January, 2022

In our vision, these features will be the main focus to appeal to our players and investors:

  • Treasure Box Mechanism: a similar term is Gacha mechanism, every time a player opens the Treasure Box, it involves a little bit of luck to obtain valuable items. The content of the box will also determine the value of unopened box on the market.
    We will also create a limited supply of the Treasure Box through rotation of the content, making some items the unique drop of that period only.(for example, Winter 2021 Treasure will contain Apprentice Hero Ticket). That way, Treasure Boxes will always hold values and make it profitable for trading.
  • Competitive PvP mode: we are creating a game with enough depth and sophisticated gameplay so that everyone can enjoy the game and some can play it competitively. We will also reward generously based on the PvP Leaderboard to encourage competitiveness among our players.
  • Tournaments: the core thing to make a game an esport game is tournament. We consider this our most ambitious goal to be able to host regular both offline and online tournaments for Kaby Arena. We plan to have bountiful prizes to attract professional gamers and participants.
  • Crypto War: another unique feature of Kaby Arena, Crypto War is a gamified learning tool to get non-crypto players familiar with not only Kaby Arena, but the whole crypto ecosystem.

Kaby Arena is developed from scratch, so you – the players will have a bigger impact than ever to shape the game to your liking. Kabicians, give us plenty of feedback on the game or your desirable features anytime, anywhere! Together, we will create the first competitive NFT game!

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