How Titan Hunters set itself apart from other NFT games

Owning NFT is easier than ever now that we are going to introduce Titan Hunters to the world of gaming. With Titan Hunters, we strive to deliver the best of the best, with the players in mind. And here is how we do it:

Extensive accessibility

With Titan Hunters, we believe that the mobile gaming experience will welcome people of all ages and economic backgrounds. In addition, we still cater to the more hardcore gamers who play on the PC platform.

Easy to Pick-up Gameplay

  • Mobile Control: Use Joystick to Move & Release to Shoot, Tap to Interact & Collect
  • PC: Use Left/Right Mouse to Move & Release to Shoot, Click to Interact & Collect

Multi-platforms support

For instance, Axie Infinity, the most popular NFT game, has ~1.2M daily active users (DAUs). However, the top mobile games usually have massive player bases (e.g., Roblox has around 55 million DAUs, with 48M on Android devices already.) With such vast potential, Titan Hunters will target players from PC, iOS & Android. As a result, Titan Hunters can cover the majority of the gaming market.

With this, we can build the biggest and most appealing NFT gaming community, where everyone can play, earn and trade.

Low-entry barriers

Spending money on a product you’ve never played does not sit right with us. Titan Hunters embraces the free-to-play model, while other NFT games may cost you an arm and a leg. All in-game economic actions, including summoning items, minting items into NFT, are for players to make.

The registration process is also another barrier that we take into consideration. In Titan Hunters, users solely need an account to start playing the game. On the other hand, a native crypto wallet would fit the bill for serious investors, and our system will provide a step-by-step walkthrough.

Frequently appearing on news and social media, NFT is somewhat of a buzzword that may confuse new users. Titan Hunters will simplify, educate and make learning about NFT as entertaining as possible. Hopefully, many players will be able to understand the advent of NFT gaming.

An easy-to-play yet high-quality game

The best teams make the best games. Titan Hunters is hand-crafted from the ground up by the hands of Topebox — a team with a burning passion for gaming. We commit to our users that the Titan Hunters game will grow in both mainstream and NFT markets.

By setting out and achieving these objectives, Topebox expects to expand a game universe called Guniverse with Titan Hunters. Titan Hunters is but one of the milestones within the expansion of Guniverse, where lies all hopes and dreams of gamers. We also hope to grow the NFT gaming day by day and attach great significance to the community. After all, it is our actions and voices that make us human.

About Topebox

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