We are excited to invite you to the Green Beli Testnet Registration. Don’t miss the chance to become one of the first Greenbies to experience our gameplay and contribute to our game development!
Total Rewards: 10,000 USDT
Whitelist registration: from 1 PM November 2nd to 1 PM November 6th (UTC).
Whitelist verification: from November 7th to November 11th
Whitelist winners announcement: November 13th
Total number of whitelisted users to join the Testnet: 1,200.
Priorities are as follows:
200 slots for RANDOM Green Hero holders (participants must hold at least 1 Green Hero in their wallet).
500 slots for TOP $GRBE holders selected from high to low (participants must hold at least 200 GRBE in their wallet).
300 slots for RANDOM $GRBE holders (participants must hold at least 200 GRBE in their wallet).
200 slots for partners.
Snapshot time for whitelisting wallet on from November 7th to November 11th.
To define the TOP 500 $GRBE holders, we will take a DAILY snapshot any time during the snapshot time, then calculate the average $GRBE amount of those numbers.
For $GRBE holders: We only count the amount of $GRBE in your wallet, $GRBE in the farm is not counted.
For GH holders: We will count the number of Green Heroes in your wallet, farm and marketplace.
If you hold at least 200 $GRBE, there’s a good chance you can be whitelisted.
Make sure that you complete all the tasks correctly.
The total reward of 10,000 USDT is divided into 3 categories:

1. The Legendary Greenbies — Users with Best Content Reviews
To become an eligible Legendary Greenbie, users must:
– Create content reviewing about the gameplay and share it on Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok, Youtube,… The content should include a screenshot or screen recording while users are playing and sharing feedback about playing the game.
– Complete and submit this form to provide your feedback and suggestions about the game, including, but not limited to, gameplay, rewards, UI/UX, bugs, and game graphics.
Best reviewing contents will be selected and awarded respectively as follows:
1 first prize: 500 USDT/winner.
1 second prize: 200 USDT/winner.
1 third prize: 100 USDT/winner.
TOP 50 (we evaluate your submissions and select 50 participants): 30 USDT/winner.
TOP 51–150 (we evaluate your submissions and select the next 100 participants): 20 USDT/winner.
400 community prizes: 10 USDT/winner.
2. The Epic Greenbies — TOP 3 Winners in game
TOP 3 most active and highest ranked users in the testnet will be distributed as follows:
1 first prize: 200 USDT/winner.
1 second prize: 100 USDT/winner.
1 third prize: 50 USDT/winner.
3. The Supportive Greenbies
This prize will be given to runner-up Greenbies, who participate in the testnet but do not make it into the first two categories. You will definitely receive 2 USDT if you complete all the tasks.
To register, you must complete all the tasks listed in our Telegram bot: @GreenbeliCampaign_bot
1. Follow Green Beli on Twitter:
2. Retweet pinned post with hashtags (#GreenBeli #GRBE #GreenBeliTestnetWhitelist) and tag 3 friends (Link post:)
3. Retweet this post with hashtags (#GEPF #GreenBeli #GRBE #SaveTheEarth) Link post:
4. Join Green Beli Announcement on Telegram:
5. Join Green Beli Official on Telegram:
6. Join Green Beli Official on Discord:
7. Follow Green Beli on Facebook:
8. Submit your wallet address (BEP20 Wallet Address, such as MetaMask (only accept NON-CENTRALIZED EXCHANGE wallet address)):
→ Done, please stay tuned and wait for the Whitelist winners announcement.
Register now! Attractive prizes are waiting for you!!!
About Green Beli
Green Beli NFT Game is the first eco-friendly GameFi on a green mission of utilizing the cryptocurrency platform to raise funds for environmental activities around the world.

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