Genesis Hero Snapshot is coming

Genesis Hero Snapshot is coming – First come first serve
The privilege reserved for the owners of the Genesis Heroes has finally arrived. This is an once-life-time opportunity to purchase early $ROFI.

• This October 24, HeroFi will accurately calculate the number of Genesis Heroes hatched from HeroFi EGGs.

📌 Attention:
▫️Each Genesis Hero will be equivalent to 1 slot of purchase of Public Sale.
▫️ Each slot can buy a maximum amount of $ROFI equal to the number of Genesis Heroes they own multiplied by twice.
▫️ The amount of $ROFI for sale this time is limited, the system will give priority to those who order first. The Public Sale ends when the amount of $ROFI is sold out.
▫️ Snapshot time Genesis Heroes at block 12044444:

• On October 25, we will announce the number of slots purchased by Public Sale. More details will be:

– 1pm UTC: Start Public Sale
– 1pm – 1:30pm UTC: Public Sale time
– 2:15 PM UTC: Listing PCS
– 3:15 PM UTC: Claim $ROFI and Pay

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