Dragon Kart’s Weapon Set NFT

The last items that players need when participating in Dragon Kart is a weapon, each weapon will have a different function and level.

This is a type of water ball that allows the player to throw to a certain position in front, the player who is thrown first will be stuck in a water balloon and cannot move for a certain time.

Magnet has the effect of slowing all players in front and increasing its speed towards other players. This is an extremely beneficial weapon that helps players shorten their distance and is also extremely inhibiting for other players.

Missile allows the player to activate and fire a missile that attacks the player in front. Missile will not be able to dodge the player in front and can only use body defense skills to avoid this missile. When hit by a missile, the player in front will be thrown up and rotated in the air.

This is a weapon that creates a shield around the player, allowing the player to avoid other skills and can only be used once after activation.

Allows the player to create an area of ​​fog ahead that obscures the view ahead as well as the map of other players when entering this foggy area.

This is a type of charged cloud that, when used by the player, will create a dark cloud above the player, other players passing through will be electrocuted and have 30% reduced movement speed and rotation for 0.5s.

Dragon Kart is expected to launch 1000 sets of NFTs of which 800 sets of NFTs will be open to the public and 200 sets of NFTs will be used to give gifts to all communities. All information about opening sales as well as community events will be officially announced on Dragon Kart’s information channels.

NOTE: Everyone needs to be cautious of this behavior, we will never DM you first or DM you privately about IDO and NFT sales events. Stay tuned on our official media channels to keep up to date with all the information.

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