Do You Want to Know More about Credefi Series?

Greetings Credefians! We’re starting a special series for our loyal community members and newcomers to our ecosystem that will help you better understand Credefi’s mission and goals.

Buckle up, it will be a fun and informative journey!

Credefi 101

So you wonder what Credefi is? Here are the highlights.

  • Credefi is a Fintech / DeFi protocol bridging crypto lenders and small & medium enterprise borrowers from the fiat economy, using an innovative and user-friendly approach.
  • Credefi’s platform enables decentralized and secured lending to portfolios of businesses, protecting lenders while providing them fixed APY that is uncorrelated with crypto markets’ volatility.

We built Credefi to resolve some of the key challenges in DeFi and TradFi:

  • On the DeFi side, DeFi yields are inconsistent, fragile, and evaporate in bear markets — the aftermath of DeFi Winter and the market crash in May ’21 are a clear proof of that. We see that speculative borrowers cannot satisfy DeFi lending supply.
  • On the TradFi side, small and medium enterprises are historically underserved by traditional banks and are borrowing at consistently high interest rates. There are not enough lenders to satisfy SME borrowing demand, pushing SMEs to alternative lending solutions such as peer-to-peer and crowdlending which are billion-dollar industries in the US and EU.

The conclusion….

If SMEs need consistent lenders and DeFi needs consistent borrowers, we must bring these two together so they can stabilize each other and have a symbiotic relationship.

Credefi’s team has 40+ years of experience in finance — from private equity funds to commercial and central banks, as well as being in crypto since 2016, and we are well-prepared to resolve above challenges and disrupt DeFi and TradFi.

Do you want to learn more? Please have a look at:

In the next episodes we’ll be covering the Upcoming IDO with CardStarter on November 8 and the Magic behind Credefi’s 2-Token Ecosystem Model.

About Credefi

Credefi is a first mover in the DeFi space connecting crypto lenders and SME borrowers from the real economy. Credefi’s platform enables decentralized and secured lending to portfolios of business projects or individual companies, protecting lenders while providing them fixed APY.

The protocol resolves the key challenges that DeFi and TradFi are facing today: DeFi’s inconsistent yields that evaporate in bear markets, speculative borrowers that are fickle and cannot satisfy DeFi lending supply, as well as the difficulty for SMEs to get TradFi funding at normal interest rates.

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