Details of the SolChicks Public Launch for all Whitelist Holders
Please stay vigilant in the week leading up to the SolChicks public sale as there are numerous scams now purporting to be SolChicks. đźš«
For Whitelisters (via holding SolChicks NFT):
We will be taking a snapshot of NFT holders some time in the 48 hours prior to 2pm UTC on 26 November. Please make sure your NFT is delisted from any secondary market and you are holding your NFT during this process at all times in order to be eligible. You must sign up to the Gleam campaign in order to be eligible (note don’t worry if you do not receive an email once you complete it as your data will be captured).
Early backer rewards:
Please also note that as per the generational privileges, we will be rewarding Wave 1 and 2 NFT holders with $CHICKS tokens after listing as part of a one-off play-to-earn reward. Further details will be announced at the time. Note that you must be holding a SolChicks NFT at that point in time to be eligible.
For Whitelisters (via invites):
Please make sure you sign up to the Gleam campaign if you believe you are eligible for the Tier’s based on your number of invites. Please make sure you input the correct Telegram username into the system, otherwise we may not be able to capture your entry correctly. The Gleam and invite campaign will close 25th of November at 2PM UTC.
Public Sale process
On the 26th of November at 2PM UTC time, we will release a list at that time on the official SolChicks website (https://solchicks.io) with whitelist addresses by Tier. If your wallet is listed on the website, you will be able to connect your Solana wallet to our site and send your contribution in the form of SOL.

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