Become a Part of Meta Spatial with your very own Meta Citizen

In Meta Spatial, players will get to embark on grand adventures across the stars and into the fantastical unknown. But first, you all need to create your own Meta Citizen, which is basically your virtual avatar. This is how you will appear in the Meta Spatial Metaverse, interacting with everyone else.

Meta Citizen is created as an initial character. This feature allows you to participate in all kinds of activities in the game. This character cannot be changed and is a requirement for gamers to participate in the spaces of the Meta Spatial ecosystem later. You are free to create your own Meta Citizen in any way you want through the Spatial Maker.

Throughout the process of playing, you can obtain items and equipment that you can use to further customize your Meta Citizen and make yourself stand out among everyone else. Meta Citizen is the key that will unlock the entire game for you, so make sure to spend as long as you’d like to make your very first virtual image!

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