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Origyn – The best innovative blockchain Foundation from Switzerland

1. What is the Origyn Foundation (OGY)? The Origyn Foundation is a Swiss non-profit organization that uses intelligent technologies such as computer vision and artificial intelligence on a decentralized computer infrastructure to identify objects of value, identify realize them and exploit the potential of property rights. As the first digital certification platform built on top […]

Gaming Revolution Made Simple With Breach

We are excited to present to all the passionate gamers out there — Breach — the world’s first blockchain-based gaming social media. With Breach, you can find like-minded friends, join teams and tournaments, browse all gaming-related content, and finally, own personalized NFT avatars based on your gaming habits and preferences. Breach will cherry-pick quality features […]

Angelic: Ambitious turn-based strategy RPG, made in Turkey

Turkish game developers have made a name for themselves, especially in recent years. This week, we talk to the mastermind behind a very ambitious game titled Angelic Developing a game is, without a doubt, a process characterized by “blood, sweat and pixels,” as veteran journalist Jason Schreier puts it. Regardless of how arduous the process […]

Introducing Astarter: The Secret Weapon Empowering DeFi on Cardano

Astarter is meeting the needs of the most powerful infrastructure for smart contracts, unveiling a robust suite of services for the Cardano ecosystem designed to offer unparalleled performance for the next level of decentralized finance. Astarter: The DeFi Hub on Cardano Cardano has surged in popularity and value over the last four years since being founded […]

Get to Know: Wonderman Nation

Wonderman Nation is a game that combines the features and characteristics of iconic games such as Final Fantasy, Axie Infinity and CryptoKitties. Tasked with saving the universe, players are immersed into a world of new planets, characters and quests that take game-play experience to another level. Built by an award-winning AAA game development team, the […]

DROPP Gallery Beta Introduction, what is it for and how does it work?

The DROPP Gallery module beta is out for single player demo! The DROPP Gallery Module is an important and complex utility that is built on the DROPP LAND system. These galleries will allow for users to significantly boost the marketability and exhibition potential of their NFTs, with buyers, sellers, and observers able to experience a […]

IDO flybyLaunchpad – Participating in an Auction

How to Participate in the $ FBS IDO on flybyLaunchpad 1.Visit the flybyLaunchpad at: 2.Click the “Launchpad” button in the top right corner. 3. Select the option to connect your Metamask Wallet Step 1: Connect wallet First, you have to ensure that your wallet is connected to the flybyLaunchpad. This could be done […]

forbitspace – The Unique Decentralized Exchange Super Aggregator

What is forbitspace ? The forbitspace DEX Super Aggregator is an interoperability protocol that unifies decentralized apps across several blockchains while also combining liquidity and allowing for easy transactions in, out, and across networks. With one single interface, the forbitspace DEX Super Aggregator allows crypto dealers to tap deep liquidity and gain superior pricing. The forbitspace DEX Super Aggregator […]