Announcing a Trible IDO on Binstarter & Poolz & BSCStation


We are thrilled to announce our upcoming Trible IDO on Binstarter and BSCStation on December 6th and on Poolz on December 7th.

We have taken opinions from our community into account and decided to provide additional purchasing alternatives for our $MELD Tokens before they are listed on exchanges such as Binstarter, Poolz, and BSCStation, allowing them to be more widely available to the bitcoin community.

Check our POOL Sites here

  • Binstarter:

  • Poolz:

  • BSCStation:

Our token $MELD will enable holders to:

  • Purchase unique NFTs like Lands, Skins, Buildings, etc.
  • Stake and obtain rewards.
  • Vote on future DAO proposals to guide platform developments.

IDO Quick Facts

  • launchpad:

Binstarter X

Poolz X

BSCStation X

  • Token Name: $MELD
  • IDO date: 6th & 7th Dec
  • Allocation: 350K in total
  • IDO Price: $0.007
  • Vesting: 25% TGE, then 25% for 3 months

Brief Introduction to Platforms

  • Binstarter

BinStarter is a decentralized insurance protocol which has a mining-style approval mechanism that brings together projects and liquidity providers. This insurance is designed to examine the projects according to certain criteria for 30 days and to protect liquidity providers from possible damages against any negativities that may occur.

  • Poolz

Poolz will leverage its list of contacts to provide a wide network of KOI. They were vital to establishing strategic partnerships such as Ferrum Network. Poolz will also help us with multiple community marketing campaigns, like AMA, Bounty Hunt, Airdrop, etc.

Another key factor will be the promotion of new partnerships with prominent companies in crypto space.

  • BSCStation

BSCStation (BSCS) aims to build a Full-Stack DEFI with NFT Auction on the Binance Smart Chain. It will become the economic infrastructure for Defi and NFT powered by Binance Smart Chain. The Infrastructure for Defi & NFT Powered by BSC.

BSCS operates on top of existing blockchains Binance Smart Chain that is designed to offer maximum value to consumers and institutions. Binance Smart Chain has solved the problem of infrastructure in the context of BSCS’s product, and that BSCS represents the ideal use case to leverage the technologies offered by its platform.

More Assistance

Last But Not Least

We will see you on 6th Dec on Binstarter&BSCStation and 7th Dec on Poolz!! Team

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