[AMA] WonderHero — QUIZ & AMA

Date: Friday, October 8 at 14:00 UTC.
Place: GAINS Discussion (
 ( times: 10:00 EDT = 16:00 CET = 20:30 IST
🕐 Countdown (
 (🔹Project tease:
— WonderHero is a Play-to-Earn mobile RPG for iOS/Android where players enter turn-based combat, earn NFTs and trade them on a peer-to-peer marketplace.
— It is a multi-chain project on ERC20 and BSC that utilizes Polygon to ensure each player gets the best gaming experience alongside low gas fees and quick transaction speeds.
—There are over 100 hero variations and over 400 pieces of equipment that allow for endless strategies.
🎉  1 whitelist spot in the $POLS IDO. Ask questions on Twitter ( and on Telegram (!
Hint: read their Medium ( articles and visit their Website ( to learn more.

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