Gaming Revolution Made Simple With Breach

We are excited to present to all the passionate gamers out there — Breach — the world’s first blockchain-based gaming social media. With Breach, you can find like-minded friends, join teams and tournaments, browse all gaming-related content, and finally, own personalized NFT avatars based on your gaming habits and preferences.

Breach will cherry-pick quality features from traditional social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Tinder), popular gaming services (e.g., Steam, Origin, PlayStation Store), addictive video game RPG elements, blockchain-gaming, and NFT technology.

Join the First Feature-Packed Gamified Social Media

Your familiar, everyday social media platform

Similar to other social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can connect with your friends, family and, best of all, discover the world of gaming in just a few clicks. Moreover, the process is entirely free and easy to do.

Unregistered users can follow the instructions, connect to their existing video game services (e.g., Steam, Origin). The first NFT Character will be automatically minted in a few minutes, and a Metaverse Avatar will materialize from your personalized gaming experience.

With a twist…

Breach includes the social aspects of media (Breach Social) that enables them to build a network or a Guild and connect with friends and other gamers on a new level, while owning every asset they put effort into getting.

A match-making social media?

The idea of match-making may be familiar to us gamers, but putting it in a social media context may confuse some people. For example, let’s take a look at Tinder: Tinder users can choose from a list of possible dating candidates after considering certain factors, such as looks and background (i.e., bio).

Similarly, Breach MatchMaker will provide a list of users with different gaming habits and backgrounds (except, Breach does not judge gamers based on appearance). And depending on your personal gaming experience, the Breach match-making system will organize and choose the most suitable gaming pals for you.

The first gamified social media with NFTs

Currently, there are no other social media that can condense your experiences (profile page) in gaming into NFTs. Gamers can be proud of their 3,000 hours in CS:GO or League of Legends gaming time as they receive an NFT Avatar with levels and stats.

Furthermore, socializing, sharing content, and gaming with friends will level up your Breach Avatars, thus gradually increasing the Character’s value over time. Finally, users can go to the Breach Arena and bring their NFT Characters to compete or bet with people worldwide and reap incredible rewards.

Breach also feature the NFT Marketplace with multiple crypto wallet integrations, allowing NFT trading and minting between users.

A blockchain-gaming universe

Breach will host third-party on-chain games (Breach Multiverse) wherein gamers can also play these games and keep earning $BRGG and NFTs. Other on-chain game developers can host their games for our community and Breach will more than happy to cooperate.

A fair playground for everyone

For decades, the status quo has been established to reward the few and leave the vast majority unattended. As a result, the current gaming industry only values streamers and professional gamers who excel at playing video games and have many followers.

Breach Arena is a gamified system that allows users to use their minted NFT Characters to battle other players’ Breach Avatars and earn $BRGG on the go.

A daily dose of gaming news with Breach Express

Every player must be feeling tired after long sessions of gaming, and so we are. So then why don’t you join us at the one-stop service known as Breach Express?

Particularly, Breach will have its content services: We will promote gaming news, reviews, tips & tricks for all the current games that the players want to learn.

Users can also opt for an optional APIs mechanism to filter content based on their interests from other media sources. By doing so, Breach will serve all of your favorite content, preferred topics, and gaming news on your front page instantly.

Let your journey with Breach begin

If you are a passionate gamer and blockchain enthusiast living on the edge of the newest innovations, Breach will always be welcoming you. If you believe that the entertainment and gaming industry can change more positively, join Breach on our quest to do so!

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Note: Early $BRGG HODLers will receive special deals and exclusive invitations to test Breach before public release. Stay tuned for more.

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