Monthly Archives: May 2022

Origyn – The best innovative blockchain Foundation from Switzerland

1. What is the Origyn Foundation (OGY)? The Origyn Foundation is a Swiss non-profit organization that uses intelligent technologies such as computer vision and artificial intelligence on a decentralized computer infrastructure to identify objects of value, identify realize them and exploit the potential of property rights. As the first digital certification platform built on top […]

Gaming Revolution Made Simple With Breach

We are excited to present to all the passionate gamers out there — Breach — the world’s first blockchain-based gaming social media. With Breach, you can find like-minded friends, join teams and tournaments, browse all gaming-related content, and finally, own personalized NFT avatars based on your gaming habits and preferences. Breach will cherry-pick quality features […]

Angelic: Ambitious turn-based strategy RPG, made in Turkey

Turkish game developers have made a name for themselves, especially in recent years. This week, we talk to the mastermind behind a very ambitious game titled Angelic Developing a game is, without a doubt, a process characterized by “blood, sweat and pixels,” as veteran journalist Jason Schreier puts it. Regardless of how arduous the process […]

Introducing Astarter: The Secret Weapon Empowering DeFi on Cardano

Astarter is meeting the needs of the most powerful infrastructure for smart contracts, unveiling a robust suite of services for the Cardano ecosystem designed to offer unparalleled performance for the next level of decentralized finance. Astarter: The DeFi Hub on Cardano Cardano has surged in popularity and value over the last four years since being founded […]

Get to Know: Wonderman Nation

Wonderman Nation is a game that combines the features and characteristics of iconic games such as Final Fantasy, Axie Infinity and CryptoKitties. Tasked with saving the universe, players are immersed into a world of new planets, characters and quests that take game-play experience to another level. Built by an award-winning AAA game development team, the […]