DROPP Gallery Beta Introduction, what is it for and how does it work?

The DROPP Gallery module beta is out for single player demo!

The DROPP Gallery Module is an important and complex utility that is built on the DROPP LAND system. These galleries will allow for users to significantly boost the marketability and exhibition potential of their NFTs, with buyers, sellers, and observers able to experience a new level of NFT interaction. The presentation of the Gallery Module consists of three main components: a 3D building, a 3D interior and AR technology. The resulting product is a tangible way for users to experience NFTs in real-life while still maintaining the metaverse component.

What utility do these galleries have?

  1. Display and show-off your NFTs in gallery style
  2. Sell and Buy your NFTs (Marketplace function)
  3. Become a curator of NFTs where users can collect commission on each transaction on their land

A key use case for these galleries has to do with the interconnectedness of the DROPP system. With various external NFT projects being launched on the DROPP Launchpad and then listed on the DROPP Marketplace, user galleries give these projects an avenue for product marketing. Gallery owners will be able to showcase and conduct trades for other people’s NFTs. On top of this, gallery owners will gain opportunities for exclusive airdrops and also act as a broker/curator for NFTs, earning commission on every NFT sales transaction that occurs within their gallery.

Progressing into the future, people’s expectations of the metaverse are quickly developing as technological innovation continues to venture into the unknown. DROPP understands the growing demand for seamless interaction between the real and virtual, and the DROPP Gallery Module will deliver on those expectations.

With the DROPP Gallery beta out, DROPP team will be heads down on development for multiplayer demo with more functionalities. Stay tuned and be ready to become a decentralized gallery curator with DROPP LAND!


DROPP LAND: app.dropp.gg

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DROPPgg

Medium: https://droppgg.medium.com

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/droppgg

Telegram (Official Chat): https://t.me/DROPP_gg Telegram (Announcements) https://t.me/DROPPggANN

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