Introduction to DigiNation and DigiAvatar

What is DigiNation?

DigiNation is a Web3 Metaverse featuring NFT-based innovation. It is the 3D virtual world, in which each player is represented by a DigiAvatar. DigiAvatar is an NFT and is also the main character of this virtual world. DigiAvatar is a dynamic NFT with variable parameters, first in the gamefi industry.

All other characters, NPC, and items are uploaded into this virtual world in the form of NFT. Some are third-party NFTs imported via the NFT Live program. Others are indigenous, created with our 3D design tool DigiMaker by players. Most NFTs are tradable in the virtual world via our marketplace, DigiMarket. Together, they form the DigiNation metaverse.

Play the Game

  • A crypto wallet like Metamask to store all your identities and assets.
  • Download the client or app to play the game on your PC or mobile.

Things to do in DigiNation

  • Socialize with your virtual friends (other DigiAvatars).
  • Organize or join any mini-games or events inside.
  • Create or trade your NFTs in interactive 3D formats.
  • Participate in DAO and shape the future of the metaverse.

What is DigiAvatar and NFT Fusion?

The Cornerstone Design of DigiNation

Like humans in our real world, DigiAvatars are the humans of DigiNation. These are the creators and owners of DigiNations. Being an ERC721 NFT, DigiAvatar is a player’s identity in the metaverse and is required to enter the metaverse. Further, DigiAvatar has properties that define a player’s appearance and abilities in the metaverse.

The First NFT that You Can Grow With

We have a design that allows a DigiAvatar NFT to have variables. A DigiAvatar NFT will have some dynamic parameters like Experience, Level, Contribution, Fame, and Fertility, which will grow as a player gets more active and successful in the DigiNation metaverse.

Experience the NFT fusion

As a Web3 metaverse, we envisage a world that is open to all the NFTs. It can be a character, an item, a scene; or further, it can be anything like a piece of music, or poem or simple data, or as complex as a mini-game. DigiAvatar will interact with other NFTs in the metaverse — DigiNation is an NFT fusion.

Import Third-Party NFTs via NFT Live Program

A crucial part of DigiNation is to work with other NFT projects. DigiNation will be inviting notable NFT projects to join this metaverse. DigiNation does not seek to be an NFT manufacturer, but a platform enabling other NFTs to come to live in the metaverse. The NFT Live program aims to empower other NFT projects to join the DigiNation metaverse:

  • Our game engine will create the 3D version of third-part NFTs, so they are able to join the metaverse, and interact with DigiAvatars and other characters in the metaverse.
  • Owning a third-party NFT and importing it into Digination will change the parameter of the player’s DigiAvatar, such as Experience or Fame.

DIY NFTs like an Architect via DigiMaker

DigiNation supports the creation and minting of indigenous NFTs via the tool DigiMaker. DigiMaker is a studio for players to:

  • Create 3D models to fit into the metaverse directly;
  • Create professional game scenes and levels by drag-and-drop;
  • Utilize various messaging, logic, and payment plugins; and
  • Implement an even more sophisticated game mechanism with Lua script.

This tool enables you to build original and playable multiplayer games in the DigiNation metaverse, and all the elements and final products are stored in the form of ERC721 NFT tokens.

Trade NFTs like a Pro in the DigiMarket Marketplace

All items, the NPC, and DigiAvatar yourself are tradable NFTs in this Web3 metaverse. Like Opensea, DigiMarket provides players a place to showcase and trade all the NFTs created with DigiMaker or imported via NFT Live Program, in 3D format and with interactive features available.

Closing Thoughts: What’s Beyond NFT?

Web3 innovation is centered around identity. NFTs are representations of identities. In Digination we innovate to build NFTs with variable parameters, which change with a player’s journey in the metaverse. DigiAvatar is you, in an NFT. By doing so, we seek to make an NFT more than a collectible: it is a collection of memories of you, ever-growing together with you.
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