Infinity Force: A Guild Management Platform for Play-to-Earn Gamers

Features of Infinity Force

Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

  • Bots interview new applicants and directly feed the information into the Infinity Force CRM for account allocation.
  • Accepted players then go through internal training provided by Infinity Academy
  • Infinity Force curates their team based on desired player qualifications.
  • Guild Managers configure tiered performance-based incentive payments (e.g.: 50/50 or 60/40 to players and themselves as the guild manager)
  • Once the team starts playing, managers monitor in-game performance in real-time or with 24/7 automated alerts and triggers.
  • Finally, Infinity Force distributes automated payments to both managers and players.

What Games Does Infinity Force Support?

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular P2E games available, with many more titles to come set to release in 2022. As of today, Axie Infinity is the only game currently supported on our platform. However, we are working closely with several game studios to onboard their games that will be made available in 2022. More details are to be released soon!

Infinity Force’s Scholar Program

As a Scholar, you are selected and sponsored by a guild manager to access the P2E games supported by Infinity Force. In addition, all Scholars will receive a share of all earnings from the P2E games they play.

When will Infinity Force launch?

Full functionality and access to our platform will be ready in Q1 2022. Contact us by submitting an inquiry form on our site, and one of our team will assist you with more information!

About Infinity Force

Infinity Force is a P2E management system developed for users to build their own guild through its integrated platform. As P2E games continue to gain traction and global mass adoption, Infinity Force supplies the infrastructure to support the ecosystem.

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