NTR1-Meta: the world’s first Italian ‘phygital’ sneakers

Exclusive handmade leather shoes⁠ wearable in the metaverse, in the real-world, and tradeable as NFTs

Another1 (AN1) is collaborating with Swappable, an NFT platform for exclusive drops from high-profile artists and celebrities, to offer their first three-in-one “crypto sneaker” — 5,000 pairs of sneakers handmade and designed in Italy. All sneakers will be represented and tradeable as NFTs, and wearable in the metaverse.

These limited edition sneakers will be launched as an NFT collectible on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT will provide owners the right to request a physical pair. However, to receive a physical asset, you must burn your NFT!

About AN1 and its first ISO

AN1 is a one-stop shop to design, produce, crowdfund and trade digital units of hype fashion backed by physical goods. The unique platform features cutting-edge technology like the Initial Shoe Offering (ISO) module.

ISOs enable the creation of new physical sneaker collections crowdfunded by the AN1 community. Collections are initially offered as digital collectibles, but users can also choose to physically redeem the digital items.

The ISO also allows up-and-coming designers and brands to build collections, connect with sneaker and crypto communities, and work with world-renowned manufacturing partners.

The partnership is powered by the illustrious Art Director and Designer Lucio Vanotti, creator of the first three-in-one crypto sneaker. The tradeable NFT sneakers are handmade and designed in Italy, with all design aspects carefully crafted by Vanotti and the rest of the AN1 team.

The innovative NTR1-Meta collection will be the first phygital (physical and digital) Italian handmade sneaker drop. Notably, each pair will be wearable in the popular metaverse platform Decentraland. The NFT drop is scheduled for Feb. 17 on Swappable. You can sign up on the official NTR1-Meta site for the latest updates, or join the community on Discord.

Behind the NTR1-Meta sneakers

The NTR1-Meta sneakers were born from the inspiring magic of the chameleon, with its ability to change form and morph into a completely different color. AN1 believes humans, and society at-large, can change like a chameleon too.

“We aren’t talking about just any change here, but the evolution of the highest sphere: digital-to-physical luxury goods. These sneakers are conceptualized for those revolutionary challengers seeking to evolve and seize the cutting edge of luxury goods as they morph into our digital future,” said Another-1 CEO Marco Staglianò.

The collaboration between Another-1 and Swappable will be launched as an NFT collectible on the Polygon blockchain. Another-1 will provide owners with the right to request the physical pairs in gamified windows of redemption.

Upon receiving the physical sneakers, the NFT will be burned. The synergy between AN1 and Swappable was sparked from a shared passion for decentralization, sneakers and the digital future (metaverse).

NTR1-Meta will launch Feb. 24

NTR1-Meta will be the world’s first three-in-one phygital Italian handmade high-end sneakers.

Be the change you want to see in the world. Start your year right by adapting, morphing and sliding into a pair of NTR1-Metas in 2022.

The NFT drop is scheduled for Feb. 24 on Swappable. You can sign up on the official NTR1-Meta site for the latest updates, or join the community on Discord.

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