FOTA METAVERSE – A new era where the real meets the virtual.

Welcome to The Metaverse – a new era where the real meets the virtual. Not only delivering the best 3D-game experience, FOTA also empowers its players to roleplay and make their characters exclusively theirs in this fantasy world. Integrated with the MOBA-RPG genre, players can real-time interact with their teammates in the FOTA Metaverse. Powered by Mixed Reality from Microsoft.

💫 Meta: In Greek, this word means “after” or “beyond”, which can be translated as Super.
🌐 Verse: is short for Universe.

=> The Metaverse can simply be understood as a digital super universe, a virtual world where people can interact together and participate in socio-economic activities in a common space.

In terms of technology, there are five things everyone should know about the Metaverse:
☁️The Cloud: Helps increase efficiency, reduce costs, and bring many benefits to businesses that want to develop a “Virtual World”.
🤖AI (Artificial Intelligence): Helps humans learn and model products quickly and efficiently.
⚡️Network: In the future, 5G will help us have better experiences than 4G.
💻Hardware: Devices are required for access, such as computers, phones, virtual reality economies, etc.
💠Blockchain: Guarantees Integrity, Security, Good Performance, and The Best Metaverse Experience

One day, when the Metaverse becomes popular, it will change the behaviour of consumers and businesses.
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