Islander Mainnet: “Be an Islander!” Quest Overview

Islander Mainnet Launch

Time: from 24th Jan 2022 to 31st Jan 2022

Total Airdrop: 50.000$ equivalent to 10.000.000 ISA

Which will be distributed in 2 quests:
– “Be an Islander!” Quest Reward: 30.000$ equivalent to 6.000.000 ISA
– “Grand Admirals” Quest Reward: 20.000$ equivalent to 4.000.000 ISA

List of “Be an Islander!” tasks:

Social Task

Questionnaire Task

Complete the questionnaire with 70% of correct answers to pass.

Token Holding Task

Hold 2.000 ISA to complete the task.

NFT Referral Links

Referral link minting is the most advanced feature in this Islander Mainnet Launch. You will be able to mint your own NFT link that records and give you a reward when someone uses it to complete quests on Islander. Read more at:

In short, you will get 85.71 ISA for everyone who uses your referral link to complete the quest.

List of rewards:

  • Individual Quest Reward: 300 ISA
  • Referral Reward: 85.71 ISA x [Number of referred users]

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