SkyArk Studio — Singapore’s unique AAA BlockChain Game Studio & Ecosystem

SkyArk Studio is Singapore’s first AAA blockchain game studio incubated by Binance. SkyArk is launching 2 game titles under the SkyArk Chronicles series that is playable using a singly NFT. The games will be a testimonial to SkyArk’s proprietary NFT game engines as it demonstrates NFTs assets to be interoperable, editable and evolvable between the game titles. SkyArk envisions converting traditional games into blockchain games using their NFT game engines and in-house AAA game studio resources. We hope to incubate quality NFT projects and eventually consolidate the projects into One Metaverse which is our 3rd game titled ‘MirrorVerse’. SkyArk Chronicles series is a Japanese anime adaptation on cryptocurrency and presents a fantasy verse whereby the world of many floating islands chained together by ‘blockchains’ created by the God — Satoshi.

Kelvin Chua -CEO of 0xAdventure & SkyArk meets CZ of Binance for Gaming Advice

All assets are drawn in house by our studio in Taiwan & Japan, including our theme song is a collaboration with Sony and sung by a Japanese artist. In-game wearables or passive attributes are inspired by popular manga such as Naruto and One Piece. Think blood lines and special eyes when you mint our NFTs — we leave the power to mint an ultra rare NFTs in the hands of gamers because this is what decentralised gaming is all about!

How is SkyArk Chronicles different?

a) Play AND Earn not Play TO earn

We took on a different angle by stating that we want to do Play AND Earn where the gaming experience is on par as the ability to Earn.

b) Original Intellectual Property (IP) and Tripe AAA production

We set out to not just create game(s) but also to focus on origination and development of IPs and high quality AAA production value.

c) Tribute to Satoshi Nakamoto

SkyArk Chronicles included a storyline that pays tribute to Satoshi Nakamoto in a fantasyverse. Within the SkyArk universe, we also have Skylands which are floating islands linked by chains – it’s a inspiration from blockchain technology.

d) SkyArk Chronicles Titles

We have 2+ 1 Titles planned for SkyArk Chronicles. The first 2 titles (SkyArk Chronicles: House of Heroes and SkyArk Chronicles: Legends Arise) are already work in progress and ought to be launched by end of 2022.

For our third title SkyArk Chronicles: Mirrorverse, we would take feedback from the community to decide the various elements of how the game should be.

e) Progress through Collaboration

We are supported by VCs, Guilds, DAOs and our own budding community, only through such a diversified combination can we breed and develop long term sustainability and engagement.

f) The Voice of our Community

Last but surely not least, we welcome all who appreciate what we stand for and are trying to achieve. We will continue to engage our community for suggestions on how we can do better. The voice of our community is the strongest.

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