Join now a series of jubilant events to celebrate SOUNI’s listing on Binance NFT

Hello, Sounivers!

We are delighted to announce that SOUNI has passed the rigorous testing process and will be available on Binance NFT Marketplace from January 12th, 2022.

This marks an incredible leap of SOUNI in becoming a world-class 3D MMORPG game for the global community. You will be able to trade our NFT in the global leading NFT marketplace!

To celebrate this remarkable milestone, we will launch a series of activities with heavy rewards for our beloved communities. Winners will be able to receive Whitelist slots from participating in IDO $SON in the future, precious NFT boxes, and event USDT rewards.

Please see details below :

  • SOUNI’s captain

Souni’s Captain is the person who has the most contribution to Souni in a month in terms of expanding SOUNI’s branding and acquiring more users for Souni.

Details :

  • Time: January 12th, 2022 — January 30th ,2022
  • General Activity

🔥Mandatory quest

✅ Join all social channels of SOUNI

👉 Follow: (+5 points)

👉 Join telegram channel: points)

👉 Join telegram group: (+5 points)

👉 Join Discord SOUNI: (+5 points)

✅ Quote retweet and tag 3 friends about SOUNI’s NFT listing event at Twitter: (+5 points)

— —

🔥Optional quest

1️⃣ Write article, review, or post (At lease 150 characters) about SOUNI and publish in your personal social media account (+20 points/article)

2️⃣ Create a review video (at least 2 minutes) about SOUNI. Public the video on all social media platforms (any channel, YouTube preferred). (+80 points/video)

3️⃣ Share, mention about SOUNI at other community’s groups (+5 points/comment/mention)

⚠️ NOTE: Optional tasks must be made public.

⚠️ For optional task #3. User can submit images/links in a composite file (eg for images — stored at drive OR for links — archived at google sheet/google docs.or any other storage). NOTE: all must be open to the public so the team can check.

— —

📝Final, fill the form for proof of work and show evidence:

  • Winner’s criteria

1 Captain — the highest scorer of the campaign

4 Vice-Captain — 4 people with the next highest score

  • Rewards
  1. Captain: 1 Legend box + 200$
  2. 5 Vice captain: 5 Epic box + 50$ each
  3. Talk directly with the Founding of Souni about Souni development and roadmap. Contribute opinion with Souni team

2. Whitelist Discord Campaign

  • Time : January 12 to January 18, 2022
  • General activity & Rewards

Activity 1 : Refer Friends

Refer SOUNI to your friends during the event and invite them to join our Discord group. Top 30 people with the most invitations will win

Reward : 900 BUSD whitelist allocation for all winners

Top 1: 100 BUSD worth of $SON

Top 2 : 75 BUSD worth of $SON

Top 3: 50 BUSD worth of $SON

From 4th- > 30: 25 BUSD for each.

Activity 2 : Engagement

Let’s keep discussing and interacting in our Discord channel during the event period. All Members reaching level 7 of activeness, checked by our system, will be entered a lucky draw to select the winner (60 persons) and share the whitelist allocation worth $1500

3. Learn & earn

  • Time : January 13 to January 19 , 2022
  • Rewards: 210 USDT (3$ for each question) + 1 common box for the most active answer the question in a week

Each session will have 10 questions asked. The content of the question revolved around SOUNI game, myterybox and focus on Binance NFT listing. Admin will ask and find the correct and fastest answer from community for giving the reward

This minigame will be held at our telegram global chat. Admin will lock the chat, and ask questions in the group. Each question’s answer time will be 1 minute. After the above time, the chat will be locked. The user who answers correctly and fastest will win.

Community interest in SOUNI has grown rapidly over the past few months, making a big splash in the NFT gaming space, with our latest announcements evidently showing strong indication of progression within the Game Finance (GameFi) market. We believe that the Binance NFT Listing Event ensures that SOUNI will be well received by not only NFT enthusiasts but also community members and gamers who have been eagerly waiting to enjoy SOUNI game this year.

What are you waiting for? Let’s invite more friends and join now!
Don’t forget to visit the Binance NFT marketplace to get your hands on SOUNI’s best gaming items

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