Space SIP Roadmap 2022: Goals for Growth in Metaverse

The new year always comes with new goals. Space SIP proudly introduces the Roadmap for 2022 with our detailed plans and vision. You better watch out because this will be an exciting year with significant advances in Space SIP game features and metaverse.

First Quarter — Taking Big First Steps

The Space SIP team is constantly striving to provide users with a fantastic and high-quality gaming experience, with features such as the Fusion and Skill system — which will enhance the uniqueness of the NFTs and increase the strategic aspect of the gameplay, making invaders’ fighting style more diverse and unique than ever.

Furthermore, in this age of technology and virtual reality, what Space SIP values most is human-to-human engagement. So, in this Q1, we also plan to build and optimize the PvP system, in which invaders may battle and win with their friends using the skills and experience they’ve earned through time.

In addition to the enjoyment and earnings from our thrilling gameplay, Invaders can also profit from Staking Pools, especially LPs Staking pools, which will soon be launched on our SIP DeFi System. You can also lend and borrow NFTs using this SIP DeFi system.

In this first quarter, Space SIP will also explain in detail the vision and direction of the technological platforms that the Space SIP team has been creating, which are the NFT Gaming Framework and the Space Metaverse.

With all of that expansion, Space SIP is collaborating with key media, marketing, and listing partners to spread Space SIP all over the globe, and we are optimistic that more invaders will join us. Let’s be a part of the revolution in Space Metaverse with Space SIP!!!!

Therefore, right in the first quarter, we have planned for many awesome activities, including upgrading and developing the game’s features, introducing the community to the space metaverse, offering choices to advance SIP Defi, and expanding the Space SIP ecosystem. These objectives will help establish a solid basis for the future development of Space Metaverse.

Second Quarter — The Rise of a Giant

The second quarter of 2022 will be a huge step forward for Space SIP in terms of features as well as Space Metaverse development. In particular, the establishment of Space SIP DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) will allow players to raise their voice in important decisions of our project. This is also consistent with our values and commitment to the community.

Following the lead of Space Metaverse, Space SIP will launch its very own side chain world: Space Chain. This is a significant step toward a blockchain gaming environment with zero gas fees, one that we have been discussing and aiming for from the early days of Space SIP development.

Third Quarter — Massive Growth and Expansion

Not to keep you waiting too long, in the third quarter, Space SIP will introduce the Space SIP NFT Assembling and Pet System, representing a historic milestone in upgrading and enhancing the value of NFTs.

During this time, we will also expand our collaboration with Game Guild partners, as well as connect other gaming partners to the Space Chain system. This is a significant advantage to the GameFi world’s long-term and quick development, as well as to the reinforcement and expansion of the Space Metaverse.

Fourth Quarter — The Party of Huge Upgrades

In the last three months of 2022, you will be able to immerse yourself in a series of fascinating features and the release of the second game in the space metaverse.

Prepare to be overwhelmed by the new NFT characters and their skin system, which allows you to equip and personalize your NFTs to your preference.

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