Most potential Metaverse projects that could change the world in 2022

Metaverse has become the newest macro-goal for many of the world’s tech giants. Let us have a look at what metaverse-related releases we can expect from the biggest tech companies in 2022.

With the metaverse phenomenon gaining traction, companies and celebrities getting involved in this environment, it is expected that 2022 will be a huge year for metaverse development. This year, tech giants Meta Platforms Inc (Facebook), Apple Inc, Google LLC, Microsoft Corporation, and Metaverse AI are releasing new metaverse-related products and services. And these releases will mark milestones for metaverse.

Meta Platforms’ Upcoming Releases

To begin with, Meta Platforms appeared as a result of Facebook’s rebranding on October 28, 2021. The company’s idea of metaverse includes virtual avatars of people playing games, holding meetings, attending workshops, exercising, studying and socializing. Along with rebranding, Meta also announced new tools to enable people to build for the metaverse. They included Presence Platform that allows mixed reality experiences on Quest 2. Furthermore, Meta invested $150 million in immersive learning to educate and train the coming generation of creators.

Apple’s Metaverse Developments

As for Apple, the company is reportedly developing headsets to tap into the metaverse. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst covering Apple for financial services provider TF International Securities, the headset will probably integrate both AR and VR functions into a single device. Besides, the headsets will be powered by a high-end chip and could come equipped with high-resolution displays.

Loup Ventures partner and analyst Gene Munster stated:

“We believe there is a high likelihood that Apple eventually has a family of products addressing the [metaverse] and we should see a prototype in 2022. AR or MR glasses are a logical Apple contribution to the metaverse, where we will play and work in more immersive digital worlds.”

Microsoft’s Metaverse Plans for 2022

Immeadiately after Facebook’s rebranding, Microsoft revealed its own plans for metaverse development. In particular, it introduced Mesh, a solution to the problem of online meetings getting tedious and detached from any real human emotions. The product allows organizations to create metaverses where people can collaborate in virtual environments that mimic physical offices and other shared spaces. Everyone in a meeting can be present without being physically present using personalized avatars.

In 2022, Microsoft is planning to upgrade its Mesh feature and integrate it into Teams platform. Besides, the company is going to focus on developing features for Xbox games.

Google’s Metaverse Team Expansion

With both VR and AR products, Google is one of the few organizations that can boast to have launched devices for both categories. It became clear that the giant is also planning metaverse development after it acquired North, a pioneer in human computer interfaces and smart glasses.

Currently, Google is expanding its team focusing on operating systems for augmented reality. The team, which previously affixed “and virtual reality” to the group name, is “tasked with building the foundations for great immersive computing and prototyping helpful, delightful user experiences.”

Metaverse AI – Web 3.0, Virtual Humans & the Open Metaverse

Backed by Kleiner Perkins and many reputable venture capital firms. Metaverse AI is building the Open Metaverse with AI-powered Virtual Humans and Web 3.0 Apps. For the first time in human history, advanced 3D Virtual Reality tech & Web3.0 collectively enable the true Open Metaverse, a persistent, high-fidelity virtual realm where people can play, build, and monetize their experiences with virtual humans on the blockchain.

“ The shared data layer is what makes the Metaverse the Metaverse- that layer will be blockchain-based. Blockchains will be the full blown backbone of virtual worlds — the system for currency, assets, identity, even governance .”​​ 

 – Fred Erhsam, Coinbase Cofounder

Recently, Metaverse AI has collaborated with Filecoin & NEAR Protocol to store virtual human avatar metadata on IPFS & Web3. They’ve built cutting-edge virtual human engines, virtual celebrities & partnered with Gaming, GameFi & NFT ecosystem projects.

Kleiner Perkins is one of the most storied venture capital firms in Silicon Valley, making early investments in companies like Genentech, Amazon and Google, and serving as home to big names over the years including John Doerr and Al Gore.


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