Everything You Need To Know About Universe Island

2020 alone has seen gamers spend around $54 billion in in-game purchases. Universe Island disrupts this purchase model through NFTs which transfer the ownership rights of “uniquely identifiable” in-game assets and purchases to players who purchase the asset, effectively allowing them to claim ownership of the asset and monetize it.

Universe Island also adopts the play-to-earn model in games, combining qualities of the gaming and cryptocurrency spaces and creating self-contained, economic incentive systems that players can achieve by simply playing the game.

Universe Island: The Story And The Setting

We have developed Universe Island as a revolutionary third-person shooter game that features a story behind the game and NFT integration. NFT integration allows players to experience NFT equipment progression, along with crypto rewards and action driven by story. Universe Island’s story is set in the metaverse, a world consisting of fractured islands, with each island having its lore and mystery associated with it.


Universe Island takes the gaming experience of a casual gamer to another level, allowing them to compete with each other, gain experience and become elite players. The game utilizes a revolutionary and peerless play-to-win incentive model powered by the $UIM token. Universe Island is set in a mysterious and equally stunning metaverse consisting of custom maps. Each map is unique and has its own features, terrain, and AI-powered enemies. The metaverse is also in a state of constant expansion, with the team stating that there is no limit to the number of maps or islands in the game.

When it comes to experiencing the gameplay of Universe Island, players spawn at different ends of the map and start with an HP of 100. Competing players have to shoot down their opponent to claim victory while avoiding AI-controlled enemies. Each game lasts between 5 and 7 minutes, with winners awarded $UIM tokens. These tokens can be withdrawn on-chain or can be spent within the game.

Universe Island Energy System

We have discussed the gameplay of Universe Island at length, but in-game tokenomics is an equally important factor in the Universe Island ecosystem. To initiate a match against opponents with a similar skill level, Universe Island will utilize an “energy system” that will help run the matchmaking algorithm. A single match will cost players one energy unit to play, and players will have access to their energy battery pack, which can hold six energy units. This energy battery pack will be recharged at a rate of one charge per eight minutes. However, if players do not want to wait eight minutes and charge their battery packs sooner, they can utilize the $UIM token to purchase energy points.

Players will also have access to two randomly airdropped treasures on the map during a match. If players find these treasures on the map, they can win additional $UIM tokens as rewards. However, players will still be required to win their matches to collect the treasures at the end of the match.

What Are The Features Of Universe Island?

The Metaverse Gallery will allow players to display their Infinity Design NFT Collections and $UIM NFT collections.

The Open world will act as a training arena for players, giving them access to a shooting range and NPCs. No energy units are required to venture into the open world, with the team ensuring that future expansions of the game will enable players to hang out with their friends in the open world.

We will also strive to drive greater community engagement through tournaments held at regular intervals, challenges, and other regularly held community events.

The Infinity Design NFT series takes Universe Island to the next level, with the limited edition NFT cards often the difference between victory and defeat in games. All Universe Island players should have their eyes open for these limited powerups. The Infinity Design NFT Series essentially takes in-game item upgrades, supercharges them, and fuse them with a transferable record on the blockchain, showing an immutable record of their ownership.

The Infinity Design NFT series will have three tiers of upgrade cards, each with increasing order of rarity. They will be classified as Normal, Rare, and Legendary. Players can obtain the Infinity Design NFTs in the following ways.

  • Players can stake their UIM token and stand a chance of winning a new NFT.
  • Players can also purchase existing NFT cards from those players who are willing to sell them on the UIM NFT marketplace
  • Players can also participate in auctions and bid on freshly minted or limited edition NFT cards.

The UIM Token

The UIM token is the main economic driver behind the Universe Island game and ecosystem. Token holders can stake their tokens and earn staking rewards. They will also not be required to pay extra fees on the UIM NFT marketplace, paying only the gas fees. They will also receive recognition on the game as a token holder. Most importantly, the token holders can also have a say in the governance of the Universe Island game and ecosystem.


We have discussed most of the important need-to-knows about Universe Islands, such as its gameplay, features of the metaverse, Infinity NFTs, and the UIM token. These features enable a limitless metaverse that allows players to compete against one another while also allowing them to be part of a revolutionary new game that incorporates great story, NFT integration, and Crypto rewards.

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